Halloween Makeup India

The Dark Side : Halloween Makeup Look | Step by Step Tutorial

This scary yet pretty halloween makeup look is my most favorite makeup look I have ever created. See more...

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Nail Art with Fan Brush : Step by Step Tutorial

In this Nailart tutorial, we will use a fan brush for making a canvas like design on the nails. See more...


Celebration Balloons Nail Art

This colorful nail art is easy to create and can be made by a beginner. It will be perfect to match a fun celebration or birthday party. See more…


Christmas Nail Art

This Christmas nail art is all red, green, white and gold. I have made Santa specially to match the festive theme of xmas. It’s very simple and great for beginners. Follow this step by step tutorial to get these Santa nails. See more…

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Colorful Nail Art to Match Every Outfit

This Nail art design is made to match all the outfits since it is so colorful and vibrant. It is a no tool required nail art. Read more…

Easy Nail Art for Beginners : Neon Shock

Easy Nail Art for Beginners : Neon Shock

This nail art is for all neon lovers. I have used striking shades on an intense base color to bring in the contrast. Read more...

Orange Lipstick Makeup Hack

How to Color Correct : Tips and Tricks

No one is perfect and have flaws. To hide those facial flaws we use the concealer. I suggest using the Color Corrector with Concealer for a flawless coverage. Read more...


Baking Makeup Technique : Step by Step, Do's and Don'ts

Baking makeup technique is the smartest thing to do for a flawless, creaseless and even toned makeup look. Here is a step by step guide to learn baking. Read more...

How to Make My Own Nail Color

Make Your Own Nail Color at Home

Try this fun way to create a new nail color every time you mix a few nail colors. Read more...

Makeup Brush Hack NotOnlyMakeup

Makeup Brush Hack

We use different makeup brushes for everyday makeup, thus leading it to be dirty. This hack will teach you to clean makeup brushes in the simplest way possible. Read more...

Easy Ombre Lip Tutorial for Beginners  Read more at: http://notonlymakeup.net/node/add/article?render=overlay

Easy Ombre Lip Tutorial for Beginners

Ombre Lips are a universal trend. Here is an easy step by step tutorial for beginners.

Christmas Nail Art Step by Step Tutorial

Christmas Nail Art Tutorial

Merry Christmas!!! Here is my take on X-Mas Nail Art with Step by step Description and Pictures



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