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A wrist watch is no longer a necessity, it’s a style statement. The right piece can gain you bundle of compliments. The question is how to choose which one is right for you. Try asking a few questions before you decide on buying watches.


What features do you look for when buying a watch?

  • I look for material- leather/metal/rubber.
  • Design and Fit
  •  Analog or Digital.
  •  Lastly my budget.



Ladies watches speak a lot about your personality, so we got to choose them wisely, right? If we talk about this moment the woman watch trends have plenty of options as per individual taste. There are so many options available both online and at the stores.
Woman’s watch can be of different variety right from sporty to Elegant Rose Gold, Leather Straps to Luxurious Metallics. Watches are no longer a necessity it is a style statement.


Everyday Leather Watches

Office Wear Wrst Watches


The Strappy Soul

Sometime in life we all have styled a strappy watch to adorn our wrist. There can be various trends coming in and fading away. But strappy watches are here to stay. They will reform, realign and restyle, but can never go out of trend.
You can choose from different dials, colors, brands. A strap can change the game. Choose basic colors for work- black, brown, tan are my favorites. If you wearing that LBD, try styling it with a hot red strappy ladies watch.

Rose Gold Watch Trend

Ladies Watch Trends

Metallic Marathon

When we talk of elegance and class in a lady, ladies watches are sure a statement. Metallic watches are one a kind and amps up the outfit and personality. Different tones of silver, gold, bronze are in these days. The Rose Gold watches are sure hot cakes now.
Starting from the 19th century, Rose gold Trend is hit the market like a storm. These keep coming back and this time too it is here to stay. The rosy gold suits all skintones irrespective of undertones. For me, I don’t prefer flashy gold watches as accessories.  These sure are safer to explore and experiment with.
These watches are perfect for a dressy occasion and can be teamed well with both Indian and western attire. I like them in different styles, just like a metallic bracelet, mixed with rubber and silicone straps, or sizzling with stones. Rose Gold trend is a must try for the elegant and classy you.


Unisex Watches

His Watch now Yours

Sports watches speak of an individual personality. Fierce, confident, are some of the traits I can think of. You can buy your own or borrow your boyfriend/brother/husbands watch. These make up a great style statement these days. Just like the boyfriend jeans and boyfriend tee. Sharing is caring isn’t it?

Red Leather Watch

Color Cast

We ladies own matching shoes, lipstick for our outfits. A watch can make a major impact too. Try and make a contrast with accessories including your watch. Neon watch to a plain monochrome dress or a red watch on a black outfit can change the game. Let your watches speak.
No matter what, watches can amp up your fashion look in a jiffy. If on a budget, invest in a few but good ones. Whether a Tan Strappy number or a Rose Gold Wonder, watches are game changers.

Let me know  which kinda ladies watches you like? Any favorites?


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