Women's Day Special : Make Everyday your Own

Hi Ladies and Welcome to NOM Blog. Today is 8th March, International Women's Day! I am not writing this piece to tell you the importance of this day or bracing womanhood. I just chose this day to give some friendly advise as a woman myself, to love your self a little more and take out time for self.

Since I relate to beauty, makeup and fashion. I would suggest you few things which we often neglect and ignore. But Should prioritize and follow these things.
Lets start with fitness. How often do you walk? If you use a two/four wheeler, I am assuming you hardly do that. Its about time you take walking seriously, coz it not only keeps you in shape but also boosts a lot of self confidence. Walking takes away stress, releases good hormones, aids digestion and maintains smooth heart function.These are the simplest benefits, I could think for now. There are many, so let that vehicle rest and get going a little.

Take a Walk

Visit the Park

When I talk of Walking, I would love to that in a park. These days we all very tech savvy and are engrossed in our phones day in, day out. Have you ever taken a stroll by the lake in the park? Heard the birds chirping? See the colorful flowers around? There are so many things, we are taking away from ourselves. True blue Nature is BEAUTIFUL, you just need an eye to see. So keep your phone in your bag and enjoy the scenic beauty around.

Do you pedicure? Most of us are lazy when it comes to caring about our legs. It will take five minutes to get your most ignored body part a share of pampering. Switch on that geyser in the bathroom, take a bucket pour few drops of essential oils, any mild shampoo, squeeze a lemon and let the hot water fill about a fourth of the bucket, mix cold water as per choice. Keep a loofah, foot scrub, tooth brush, nail filer handy. Sit on a chair, dip your legs in the bucketful of goodness and relax. All the pain, the hardness and dirt will wash away with water and you will be feel at ease and super fresh. Believe me, clean feet feels wonderful.

Hair trimming is something we all ignore some time in our lives. Acute hair problems, limp hair there are 1000 hair problems. But hair trimming is very important, go for a short trim every 6- 8 weeks. Your hair will look more bouncy and alive. Split ends will reduce and hair will have a whole new life.

Pamper your Feet

Let the Tresses Breathe

Simple Nail Arts. Did you know, you don't require tools for nail art. Simple nail at designs and fancy top coats these days are a great way to make you unique from others. Wear a glitter/graffitti top coat and feel the difference. Check out some simple nail arts on my blog HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

Face Pack once a week. Choose your favorite skin friendly kitchen ingredients and indulge in a weekly masque routine, give that face the glow due. My favorite is quick and easy- besan and dahi. This cleans, brightens and softens my skin.

Add the Glow

Hair Pack once a while. Prepare a simple hair masque for your tresses once a while , say in a month. My favorite is raw aloe vera juice. i grind the whole raw leaf in the mixie and strain it. apply it on the roots and length to get ultimate dandruff free, smooth hair.

This was my insight for taking a little more care of yourself, to furthermore care of your loved ones. Get up, get going and start pampering yourself, coz you are mean to be loved.
Happy Women's Day!!!


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