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Winters have sunk in India and most of us are rejoicing about it. The food, the outings, the makeup everything is fun to do in this season. Its my forever favorite. But we need to take extra care of our body during winters. Skin gets rough, dry and flaky. Hair looks frizzy, dull and breaks. All this has to be fixed and precautions must be taken.


Never Skip the Night Cream

Its utmost important to moisturize the skin at bed time. It’s the best time to heal and rejuvenate the skin. So always use a night cream. If you have an oily skin, use gel based options. If dry then use a moisturizing one.

Winter Skincare Tips

Applying Moisturizer

Moisture is the key to happy skin always, be it summer or winter. However, special care is required in winter months.  This time the skin lacks moisture and demands it. Always apply a nourishing day cream after bath.For body I love the Nivea and Vaseline Variants. They are a blessing.


When the bed of the skin is rough and dry, the upper layer can’t be moisturized and plump. For that scrubbing of the dead cells and making the skin smooth is very important. Scrub the face and body once a week for soft, smooth and glowing skin. I occiasionally follow kitchen tips, but mostly love to use Lotus Scrub.

Lip Balm for Winter

Lip Balm

Whether you apply a lipstick or not, a lip balm is a must. Apply it in the day and night. Keep those lips soft and flake free.Since I have pigmented lips, I prefer the Maybelline tinted balms. You can also try Nivea Lip Balms, they are really good.

Heel Care

Most women tend to avoid taking care of the feet. Scrub your heels everyday during bath, wash feet well and moisturize it every night. I use the Cheryl Heel Repair and its quite good.

Try Face Oil

Face oils have changed my life for the good. It absorbs in the skin easily and gets rid of any cracks and dryness. It helps the skin stay hydrated and adds glow. I am currently using the Apricot face oil by Junaili and also used the Khandidge Kumkumadi Oil. Love both of them.

Cracked Heels Repair

Skincare with Face Oil

Carry a Mini Cream Tub on the go

Winter months are harsher in some parts of the country, say Delhi. We need to be prepared for it. I being in Calcutta always carry a mini jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly in my purse, the elbows, hands gets super dry even after moisturizer. Lips tend to dry and chap soon. Just prefer being safe than sorry.

Apply Curd

If you are a face mask addict, use curd as a base. winter skincare is about moisture plus care. Curd has perfect balance of oil and bleaching properties. It will add glow and keep you moisturized. You can alternatively use honey.


Avoid Alcohol Based Products

Alcohol is known for ripping of the moisture from the skin. Try avoiding these in winter to avoid further drying on already dry skin.


So I follow these measures for a good winter skincare. Which tip do you find useful. Please share your tips in the comments too.

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