What’s in my Bag : All That you Need in your Daily Makeup Bag

What's in my Bag?

Daily Makeup Bag Essentials

Top 10 Things in my Makeup Bag


I am a working women who also loves to travel, and no points for guessing that I love beauty and makeup. I cannot part with it or avoid it. I carry a list of essential things wherever I go. I have a makeup pouch/bag which I carry to work or for any outing. 


This post is gonna be fun and also very helpful. This post has been requested by my friend Madhu. So here you go girl, hope you enjoy and get some tips. 


On an average day these things may or may not be required. But I believe in being safe rather than sorry. These are the things I carry usually, you can totally edit as per your needs. So lets dig into my daily “On the go Stash ". Please note the stuff is all travel size to fit into your little on the go pouch.

Whats in My Daily Bag

Everyday Essentials in my Makeup Bag




Face Mist


I always carry a face mist/spray be it winter or summers. I love the fresh face feeling. I am showing you two options here - Avene Thermal Spring Water and Kama Ayurveda Rose Water. You can alternatively carry fresh wipes. I prefer sprays any day.


Hand Cream

I work in air conditioned environment and my palms tend to be super dry. I carry a hand cream at all times.



A woman should smell good at all times. The sample perfumes or mini perfumes I have is best utilized for my on the go stash. There are atomizers available in the market too, get hold of one and carry your favorite perfume in there.

 Perfumes for Everyday

Beauty Essentials Everyday


Now a busy woman has to be smart, I carry small earrings, a simple chain in my purse always. You never know when your present earrings get lost or you might have to rush somewhere right after work on a dull day. I use a small velvet pouch to keep these organized inside the stash.

Hair Clips & Scrunchy

While stepping out leaving your hair loose on a good hair day and feeling hot, moody is a common thing with me. I need to try those wild tresses up, I always carry my scrunchy, hair clips. I slip these into a small tie up pouch to keep them all in one place and secured.

Safety Pins


This is the number one emergency tool to save you of uninvited humiliation. You dress/blouse can snap off anytime. That zip might show tantrums unexpectedly, the safety pin is the best rescue item for that day. Keep them safe in the same velvet pouch as above.

Everyday Essentials in my Hand Bag


Other Essentials



I love fresh breath and mints. I carry a small pack of tic tacs at all times.


Band Aid


Those shoe bites and sudden accidents I tell you. Band aid is a must have product in your daily hand bag.



If there were five things I had to choose for everyday life. I would definitely list the comb in there. I can’t live without my wide tooth combs. I have one for home, one for stash and one extra. I have lost many of them in the past and always keep backups. I don’t use hair brushes, but only wide tooth combs.


My go to Beauty Stash


Beauty Essentials for Everyday



Lip Balm


I have pigmented lips, thus I carry a tinted lip balm at all times to give life to my dull lips. 

Face Powder


To avoid carrying an additional mirror, I carry a face powder with inbuilt mirror. Not only this helps in blotting oiliness, but great help for touch ups anywhere.



I have these miniature lipsticks which I had got from Bangkok and also the Amway lipstick testers. These make way into my daily stash.



I am tension free even if I am going out like a plain Jane. I have my Kajal and lip balm in my bag for quick touch ups.

Mini Eye Shadow 


Oriflame has this mini shadow palette which fits into the tiniest of purse. Those sudden after office movie dates, dinner dates I tell you. This serves the purpose of those gorgeous eyes.

Daily Makeup Essentials

Must Haves in Everyday Bag

Whats in my Beauty Bag


That's all that I usually carry in my beauty bag for everyday use. I hope you get to learn something and use it make your own daily on the go stash too.


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"Untill I see you next, never let anything dull your spark"





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