Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel : Review and Price

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Face Wash for Sensitive Skin



What do you search in face wash? I am guessing, that it matches your skin type, doesn’t rip off moisture and cleans deeply. I have tried many a variants and enjoy using herbal brands more. This time around when my skin acted wierd and a few breakouts appeared, I thought of trying a mild face wash instead. Something that would calm my skin and be gentle on it. I got the Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel meant for Sensitive Skin.

Product Description

    Removes dead cells and unclogs pores, purifies skin from deep within
    Contains glycolic acid, glycadone and dermostim
    Gel based texture

Price : Rs. 550
Size : 100 ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

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Vichy Face Wash for Sensitive Skin

Vichy Face Wash Review

Alcohol Free, Paraben Free, Soap Free Face Wash


My Opinion on Vichy Normaderm Face Wash


When I got this face wash I had mixed feeling owing to its appearance. It might be beneficial or it might not. Nevertheless, I started using it. On the first use I noticed a change. Don’t worry, not a dramatic change. But the change you notice when you first use a product, it either makes you feel better or worse when compared to the previous product. So for me this change was good. My skin looked smooth and radiant after wash. It helped my skin look better with time. How and how much I will explain.

The face was comes in a translucent leafy green tube with a flip open cap. The face wash is in form of a flowy tinted pale green gel. It looks pure and soothing. I use a pea size amount for entire face and neck. It is free of paraben, alcohol, soap. To my surprise, it foams up quite well. Being soap free tit doesn’t rip off moisture from skin. My skin feels deeply cleansed, radiant and smoother.

After using it for about 10 days twice daily, I noticed my skin had lesser visible pores, glow and radiance. It felt plump and nourished.  My acne had calmed down and hardly appeared for long. This is my second tube and I truly enjoy using it.

Face Wash for Daily Use

Vichy Face Wash for Daily Use

Why to Buy Vichy Normaderm Face Wash


  • Very gentle on skin
  • Free of harmful ingredients
  • No parabens, alcohol, soap
  • Appearance of pores reduced with regular use
  • Skin appears radiant
  • Cleans deeply
  • Doesn’t rip off moisture from skin


Why not to Buy Vichy Normaderm Face Wash

  • Pricey

Recommendation : Yes
NoM Report Card : 4.8/5

Final Verdict


This face wash will suit all skin types. It will add to the glow, won’t steal moisture from skin and will reduce appearance of pores. If you are looking for gentle face wash with deep cleansing, this is the one for you. The only glitch is the price.

Have you used this face wash yet? Which face wash would you like me to try or recommend?



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