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Aloe Vera for Skincare
Aloe Vera for Hair Care
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I had seen this long tail like thorny plant on my terrace and window grills since childhood. It looked very unique and attractive and asked mom, “what is this, some type of cactus, will it hurt me”? Ma replied – “This will make you beautiful and get you loads of compliments, use it when you grow young”. With this statement, i have long hopes and expectation with this strange looking plant. It was finally in my college days I first used aloe vera stick on my face. It felt sticky and messy and I stopped using it for long. I only started using it since a few months to recollect the wonderful benefits it has. In this post I will discuss the beauty benefits I have used and tested on myself.

Aloe Vera Beauty Benefits

Aloe Vera DIY

As an anti-dandruff hair masque

I have had the most stubborn dandruff ever, one fine day I decided to use aloe vera on the scalp. I took a few sticks and grinded it as it is in the mixer. The resulting product I applied all over the scalp and massaged gently. Kept it for 2 hours or so. Washed it with my regular shampoo. Dandruff was reduced to half in 3 uses. I try to follow this routine once a week, preferably a Sunday.

As an anti-tan

Whenever I get tan, I use aloe vera on the affected area for three to four days to notice considerable difference.

As an anti-blemish

With repeated and regular use of aloe vera on the skin, it gets rid of blemishes and scars.

As a hair growth promoter

The hair growth is promoted with regular use of aloe vera in hair masque and other DIYs.

Best Natural Beauty Tips

Aloe Vera for Haircare

As a skin tightener

I have had ugly feet skin, like really ugly. I have used refined aloe vera as in gel. I have seen remarkable difference and my feet has become soft and smooth now.

As a face mist

I use refined aloe vera in form of aloe vera gel; mist it with glycerin and water for my own primer water. It keeps skin look fresh and makeup lasts longer.

As an eye gel

When I feel fancy at times, I use aloe vera, honey and lemon as an under eye gel. Keep it for a few minutes and rinse off. The undereyes feel moisturized and keep stress free.

I have used aloe vera in these ways and a have loved the effects. You can try it too. Let me know if you could find these tips of any use.


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