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Stay Quirky Badass Purple Lipstick Review

Stay Quirky Raspberry Lip Balm Review  

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Stay Quirky brand has some amazing color cosmetics to offer. Right from nail paint, to lipstick, kajal and lip balms. The colors they offer are brilliant. Thus the name of quirky suits it to the core. Today I will present the lip balm and lipstick.

Stay Quirky for Lips


Stay Quirky Raspberry Lip Balm | Review, Swatches, Price



Product Description

Stay Quirky Lip Balm, ' It's Raspberry, Dear Watson ' is the perfect lipbalm for you if you want to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized throughout the day and make them look plump.

Aah ! Raspberries ! The sweet, tangy and quirky berries !

It's time to bid farewell to dry & chapped lips and say hello to nourished and moisturized lips with this Stay Quirky Lip Balm

Looking for dewy & super soft for all day long, then here is your answer

Leaving a light tint on your lips, it makes it perfect to wear on any ocassion, be it regular college, day of work at office or a cool party!

The kickass formula of this Stay Quirky lip balm contains Vitamin E which rejuvenates the lip

Just make sure you dont eat it up because it is so delicious looking! #StayQuirky


Price : Rs. 155

Quantity: 4.5 gms

Shelf Life: 3 yrs


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Stay Quirky Lip Care : Its Raspberry Dear Watson


Winters are here and I like to stock my lip balms everywhere. In my stash, in my wallet, in my pocket. I was surfing online when I saw the Stay Quirky Lip Balms in exciting flavors and reasonably priced. I got the Raspberry flavor. 

The lip balm packaging is basic and simple. The outer covering has mentioned about the products and relevant details .The Raspberry color plastic cap locks tight. The roll up bullet is well sized to last me for months. What I love most about this lip balm is, that it is tinted. I don’t like the medicinal ones which just care. I like both beauty and speical effects. The lip balm hydrates the lips beautifully and locks in the moisture.

I also apply it as a base on my matte lipsticks. Dab off the excess and then apply the lipstick. The effects are non dry and comfortable lips. The fragrance is mild and not overpowering at all. Thumbs up to this one.

Stay Quirky Raspberry Lip Balm

Stay Quirky Lip Balm Price

Stay Quirky Lip Balm Review



Stay Quirky Badass Lipstick : Lip Kiss is the Beginning | Review, Swatches, Price


Product Description

You don't need words when your lips will do the talking. You know you've hit the purple patch when you've chosen to express yourself right. This highly pigmented lipstick glides on super smooth on your lips going from curiously creamy texture to drying mesmerising matte.

Price : Rs. 275/-

Quantity: 4.2 gms

Shelf Life: 3 yrs

Buy online at Purplle

Stay Quirky Lipstick Matt Purple Badass Lip Kiss Is The Beginning

Stay Quirky Lipstick Review


Now that we have taken care of the lips, lets make them a little fancy and attractive. I am hinting the Stay Quirky Badass Lipsticks. These are available in 24 exciting shades. By the work exciting I mean really exciting. Black, Green, Blue among the other reds, pinks, mauves. Can you imagine these funky colors at such affordable prices? If you are a beginner and want to be wild in your makeup looks, try and buy these before investing in a high priced lipstick, like Inglot. 

The packaging of the Stay quirky Badass Lipstick is funky, edgy square shaped. The color coded sticker is at the base of the lipstick. The product info is all mentioned on the outer black paper box. 

The texture is smooth and glides easily on the lips. You don’t need to put any extra lip balm underneath if you have smooth lips. It contains Vitamin E, so there you go tension free.  The finish is semi matte, with times it gets matte. The lipstick doesn’t really have a fragrance which is great. I love the pigmentation of the lipstick. Its bang on in just one swipe. The color appears true and hides my pigmented lips easily. It transfers a bit since it is not completely matte. I re apply it when it fades a little( another excuse to wear it again). 

Before I start with this shade, I would like to let you know this collection is a show stealer. Look at the colors. Blue, Black, Green, Yellow lip colors (for your fancy side). I know these colors are very bold to carry, but what’s the harm in trying at such an affordable price. I would grab the black shade for sure. 

Coming to my shade, its called Lip Kiss is the Beginning. What a name, isn’t it? The shade is a cool toned pink with purple undertones. It will suit fair to medium complexions well. I love how it adds a fun element to the look. i wear this one with kohled eyes and ready to rule.

The lipstick stays on my lips for about 5 to 6 hours. When it starts to fade, I don’t mind reapplication. I need to pick more shades.

Stay Quirky Lipstick Matt Purple Badass Lip Kiss Is The Beginning Review

Stay Quirky Lipstick Matt Purple Badass Lip Kiss Is The Beginning

Stay Quirky Lipstick Matt Purple Badass Lipstick Review and Swatches


What do you think about these lipsticks? Check out the shade range on Purplle, there is one for every girl.



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