Sivanna Colors Gold Crown Lipstick : Review and Pictures

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Sivanna Colours has been like a fresh breathe of air with the versatile and inexpensive makeup products. But ever since GST came into picture, it has got a little dearer. Nevertheless, it's affordable. I got this from Amazon, seller Charis Enterprise. I have used the Sivanna Shimmer Bricks and reviewed them HERE, HERE and HERE. This product cemented my belief in the brand and its quality. I have tried a couple of products from them and absolutely delightful to present this super gorgeous lipstick today. The Sivanna Gold Matte also known as Sivanna Colors Crown Lipstick.

Price: Under 400/-, might vary from seller to seller
Quantity: 4.5 gms
Shelf Life: 5 yrs

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Sivanna Gold Matte Lipstick

Sivanna Colors Gold Matte Lipstick Price

Sivanna Colors Gold Matte Lipstick Ingredients

Sivanna Colors Gold Matte Lipstick Buy Online

Sivana Matte Red Lipstick


My Opinion on Sivanna Colors Gold Matte Lipstick

First thing you notice about these lipsticks is the packaging. The metallic gold body, the tapered and sharp tail with a tight click lock cap. The cap also has a small detachable loop which you can further tread a gold chain, to make it all jazzy. The body is all textured and structured giving it a good grip.

The shades range is brilliant. Right from Reds, Pinks, Plums to Nudes and Corals they have them all. I got this shade 9. It is  gorgeous “Orangey Red” which suits me to the hilt. The shade can work for all skintones, be it dark or light. The orange undertone makes it lot fresher than an out and out red lipstick.

The texture is smooth and easy while applying. The appearance is matte, but comfortable matte. Which transfers, but doesn’t settle into fine lines. There is no gloss or sine on the shade. It makes up for a beautiful matte red lip color.

The pigmentation is impressive, true color deposits in a single pass. I like the ease of application where there is no tugging and pulling required. I always wear it over a dabbed and wiped lip balm, that is when lips are moisturised. Who wants to see those cracked lips?

The color lasts on me pretty much for 6 hours. Slight fading from the centre, but all even and patch free. On reapplication is as good as new.
Does it transfer? Yes when freshly applied. Much lesser after setting.

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Sivanna Gold Matte Lipstick

Sivanna Crown Lipstick

Sivanna Red Lipstick

Sivanna Colors Crown Lipstick Shade 9

Sivanna Matte Red Lipstick Review

Sivanna Gold Matte Lipstick Shade 9

Why should you buy Sivanna Colors Gold Crown Lipstick


  • For the breakthrough packaging
  • Amazing shade range
  • Ingredients list mentioned
  • Comfortable matte texture
  • Doesn’t dry out lips
  • Long shelf life

Why should you not buy Sivanna Colors Gold Crown Lipstick


  • Limited availability
  • Price may vary from seller to seller

Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 4.2/5

Final Verdict

These lipstick are a must buy solely for packaging. They have wide shade range. Decent color pay off. If you want to make your closet/vanity look glam, buy a few of these for display Blum 3

Have you tried these gorgeously packed lipstick? What do you think fo the packaging?



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