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3 in 1 Brow Pencil Review
Brown Brow Pencil
Sivanna Brow Pencil Review


Back then when I was a beginner at makeup, I didn’t know the importance of brow grooming or brow products. Normally even today I see my friends miss out on the brow pencil. It’s hardly understood that a brow pencil can make or break the look. Though I have learned and embibed the importance of the brow grooming, I can easily say that it is among my favourite makeup products.
Off late there are various forms of brow products available in the market. Brow Pencil, Brow Pomade, Brow Kits, Brow mascara and so on. Sometimes it’s the packaging, sometimes the contents. When I first learned about this 3 in 1 brow product, I was jumping with excitement. Brows can look amazing with that kind of 3 step procedure I thought.

Product Description

Step 1 draw eyebrow eye shape
Step 2 Smear even
Step 3 Easy to shape

Price: Rs. 325/-
Quantity: 3.1 gms
Shelf Life: 24 months

Available online at Amazon

Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret

Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret Dark Brown

My Opinion on Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret

Sivanna is a Korean brand and hence the details are mentioned in Korean. This comes packed in a plastic packaging. The 3 in 1 product is packed in a long and heavy metal pen.  I was amazed to see the concealed packaging. It is like a magic pen, each part opens and reveals a different side of the product.
Primarily it is packed in a metallic copper and black pen packaging. Let’s begin with the cap, it is click lock and reveals the twist up brown brow pencil. The rim is twist open and reveals a sponge applicator. This sponge applicator is slightly waxy and irregular I thought. Go down to the bottom and it twist opens into a brow mascara in liquid gel form.
The beauty is that all the forms of brow products are labelled on the pen. On the black twist cap its mentioned Pencil. On the rim it is labelled as Brow Powder. On the tail it is mentioned as Eyebrow Mascara.

How it works

It can be used in 3 in1 combination of three different techniques. Or can be used individually too. The pencil is light in pigmentation, just the way it should be. The powder is sticky, patchy and disturbing to me. The brow mascara wand is of the shape of the brows, chiselled and lean.
How I use the Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret
I first shape the brows and outline it with the brow pencil. To fill the gaps I use the brow powder. Since I used the powder on the brows. I use the brow mascara to set it all and seal the brows.

What I feel about Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret

The brow pencil is light and just the right consistency of creaminess and toughness. It outlines the brows well. The brow powder doesn’t deliver and makes my brow feel moist and sticky, I don’t know why. The brow gel is sets it all.
At the end, I have mixed feelings about this one. It makes my brows feel heavy, waxy and I am hesitant to touch them. After it dries, it sets dry and no smearing or transfer happens. It adds good volume to the brows and they appear visibly thicker.
But if the products are used separately, they work decently.

Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret Review

Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret Price

Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret Dark Brown Swatches

Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret FOTD

Why to buy Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret


  • 3 kinds of brow products in one.
  • Extremely travel friendly packaging
  • Adds volume to the brows
  • Doesn’t transfer once set
  • Stays on for whole day

Why not to buy Sivanna Colors 3D Brow Secret


  • Limited shades
  • Availability
  • Makes brow heavy if all the pencil, powder and gel is used together

Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 3.5/5

Final Verdict

This pencil is different as it contains three different types of brow grooming products. It is worth a try.


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