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Odbo Highlighter FOTD


I had first heard about this highlighter from Debasree’s Youtube channel and wanted it ever since. That time it was not that easily accessible. Now with the onset of so many instagram sellers, its pretty easy to get this. Nevertheless, I got my hands on this when my husband visited Mumbai for a day and I made him buy this and a few other affordable cosmetics as well. *wicked grin*

Price: Varies from 250 to 400 ( I got mine for 300)

Odbo Highlighter Review

Odbo Baked Highlighter


My Opinion on Odbo Baked Highlighter


After using my Sivanna Shimer Brick, I thought no other highlighter could match up to it. Then I used the Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick and fell in love. And now this amazing one. Poor soul, cant decide which one makes it to my top favourite.

When I saw this highlighter, it had a different packaging with waves on the pan. However, I got something different and not complaining at all. This is a pan packaging with a transparent lid which clicks lock. No mirror , no brush given with it. Not complaining again. The chunks protruded out of the pan gives perfect application with the fan brush. The product details are all mentioned in a foreign language on the outer paper box and behind the highlighter pan.

The shade is pure silver and super pigmented. The swatch that you see is a mere touch of finger on the pan. When used with a fan brush on the high points of face, it literally makes the face shine. This shine is strong in pictures than real life. Thank God for that. Coz I definitely don’t wanna look like a disco ball. One thing is for sure, this is not for the weak hearts or for beginners who just started with makeup. Blending it right is absolute necessity.

The glow/shine stays on all day. It can mix with the oily skin and become shinier. I like highlighters to be the only thing glowing on my matte base. Too much shine is not my type. Thus application should be precise for this highlighter. The glow stays for about 5 to 6 hours on my commbi-oily skin.

Caution: Always apply highlighter on moisturized skin, then put base, blush (if any) lastly this highlighter.
Apply only on the high points with a precise brush.

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Best Highlighter under Rs. 300 in India

Odbo Baked Highlighter 03

Odbo Highlighter Shade 03 FOTD

ODBO Highlighter  Shade 3 Review and Swatches

Why should you buy Odbo Baked Highlighter


  • For the glow it gives at this price
  • Available in different shades and variety
  • One of the most affordable highlighters
  • Little goes a long way
  • Too pigmented
  • Silver shade goes beautifully with fair skintone


Why you should not buy Odbo Baked Highlighter


  • Not widely available
  • Might wash out dusky beauties
  • No mirror on the pack


Recommendation: YES!
NoM Report Card: 4.7/5


Final Verdict

At this price point you cant ask for more. It highlights like a boss, looks radiant in pictures, super pigmented and very affordable. Must grab this one if you love highlighters.



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