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Top 5 Colored Eye Pencils
Best Colorful Kohls
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Tired of wearing the same black kohl to work/office every day? Me too. This post will be a great help to show different eye pencil colors which you can wear as and when you want to change your look or match your outfit.

I have kept the list very relative and matching to common preferences. These are not the only colors which I recommend or one should possess, but the colors which are mass favorite and more useful. Ok so the speech is over, lets head on to business.
The five colors I have mentioned here are Blue, Green, Grey, Nude,  Purple. I have tried to show my collection in the color range.

 My Favorite Colored Eye Pencils

 Best Colorful Kohls



This goes without saying that blue is the best wearable and gorgeous shade after black. The color has different shades from royal blue, turquoise and navy blue. You play as choice and mood.  I love the royal blue so much. I have showed you the Sugar Blue Kohl, Maybelline Colossal Turquoise,  L’Oreal Silkissime Cobalt Blue. Can you pick a favorite?


Green is special shade which I don’t wear that regular, but love it by heart. The color is also available in different shades. My favorite being lime green and emerald. I have shared LA Girl Gel pencil in Lime and Florelle in Khaki.


In my last post (link) I expressed my love for grey eye makeup. It’s so versatile and looks glam when mixed with other bright shades. I have three different ones from Avon, Maybelline and Rimmel. I think grey is a much underrated eye makeup color which has huge scope of experiments.


This shade is very multipurpose and can instantly light up the whole look. It looks divine when paired with red lipper. I like to play with nude eye pencils, starting with the regular waterline application. Here I have shown Maybelline Nude and Lakme white pencil.


Now this is one color which is quite unique and edgy. I love how exclusive it looks. I have shown the Colorbar Amethyst from the i-glide range and L’Oreal Silkissme again in Pure Purple. Review HERE.

Blue Eye Pencils

Best Blue Eye Pencil Swatches & FOTD

  Green Eye Pencil

Green Eye Pencil Swatches

Grey Eye Pencil

Grey Eye Pencil Swatches and FOTD

Nude Eye Pencil

Nude Eye Pencil Swatches & FOTD

Purple Eye Pencil

Purple Eye Pencil Swatches & EOTD

So that’s a wrap, I hope you enjoyed the post and loved all the colors. Let me know which one is your favorite and if you have any recommendations for me, please name them in the comments below.


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