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Almost all makeup lovers love lipstick and no look can be complete without using a lip product. I am a huge lipstick fan and hoard them like crazy. Many a times it happens, I get bored of the same shades and I wish I could have a vampy red or a nude pink lipper. The thought fades away soon as I will have to buy another lip color for that. But the craving doesn't fade off. Cut 2, introducing this innovative and unique product by Makeup Academy which all lipstick lovers will love.  The MUA Lip Transformer.

MUA Lip Transformer

MUA Lip Transformer  Price in India

Product Description

Apply the black lip cream to add depth to your lip shade. This can be worn alone too as it gives depth to your natural lip colour.

Apply the white lip cream to lift and lighten your lip shade. This is good as acting as base to give your lipstick/gloss a true colour finish as it isn’t affected by your natural lip colour.

For best results use the lip primer to fill out any lines, then apply the lip transformer shade of your choice before overlaying with your lip shade.

Price: Rs. 450 in India
Quantity: 2.1 gms
Shelf Life: 12 months

Buy online at Nykaa

Lip Color Transformer


My Opinion on MUA Lip Transformer

I had no idea that such a product exists in the first place, it was while surfing the net one day I stumbled upon this. So what does it do? If you are an avid lipstick lover you must have guess by now. This is a cream based color changer which can either darken or lighten your lip color. Apply the white color to lighten, the black to darken. Its as simple as ABC.

The product is housed in a flat round pan with two sections to hold the two colors. The lid is transparent and clicks lock. The price and other details are mentioned at the back and the external sticker.

The texture is creamy and on swatching it looks patchy but functions sufficiently. It might affect the matteness of the lipstick, but it can be made up depending on the lip color texture you are using. Like when I use it for the Lakme Satin Crayons, it looks creamy. But if I use it under a liquid lipstick, it will go matte.

MUA Lip Transformer Swatches


How to Use?

MUA recommends using it under the lipstick i.e. on bare lips. I use it both under and over the lipstick. It just adds to the fun. If I want to make my lipstick glossy or creamy, I add it over lipstick. If I wanna keep it matte, I apply it under. You might want to know, does it affect the outcome? Well, YES.

The two colors perform differently on me. The black color will darken the lipstick no matter you apply it under or over the lipstick. I would have loved if the consistency would have been thicker for the white since it is SHEER. You need to use more quantity of white color to lighten the lip color.

Left : With White || Original Color ||  Right : With Black

MUA Lip Transformer : Before and After

Lighten Lip Color with MUA Lip Transformer

Why to buy MUA Lip Transformer

  • Versatile product helps create different looks
  • Satiates the want to buy more lipsticks
  • Black color changes the lipstick into bold lip shades
  • doesn’t dry lips owing its creamy texture
  • Can be used both under and over lip color


Why not to buy MUA Lip Transformer


  • Need to apply little of black to avoid overdoing
  • Creamy consistency might spoil matte texture of matte lipsticks
  • Consistency is thin and poor
  • Wish there were more colors to play with


Recommendation: Sure Yes
NoM Report Card: 4/5

Final Verdict

If you are bored of your current lipstick collection and want to make the best use out of it, buy this little magic tub. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you used any such unique product? Let me know in the comments below.

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