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It will be a lie if I say I don’t shop makeup on dry days. With the lucrative online offers going on, who can stay away from indulging. No, I cant , it’s a crime . Moreover, with the onset of Instagram sellers it is getting tough to control. I got a few affordable makeup stuff from an instagram page and very excited for these.


Product Description

Provides exceptional lip makeup results. Gives a steady stroke to develop neatly outlined lips.
Multi Vitamin
Enriched with Aloe Vera

Price: Rs.199 , varies from insta page to page
Quantity: 1 gm each


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Me Now Lip Liner Review

MN True Lips

MN Generation 2 True Lips Lip Liner Ingredients

Me Now True Lips Lip Liner Pencil Review


My Opinion on Me Now True Lips Lip Liner


First of all lets take a moment to appreciate the packaging. How pretty and thoughtful is it. These are 12 different colored pencils with color coded packaging and how. The cap, the base and the product name is all printed as per the product color. I really appreciate the perky colorful packaging.

The pencils are all wooden and sharpenable, I don’t mind sharpening it though. It is priced at just 200/- for 12 colors, its roughly 16/- per pencil, where do you get that, that too in one pack with such awesome packaging, I couldn’t find a better deal.

The shade family is gorgeous. There is one for everyone. The Nudes are so pretty, I just want to look at them. There is Nude Pink, Fuchsia Pink which are beautiful. The reds are so pretty. I got all the shades I ever wanted , it also has a nudy mauve. There is no brown shade, but I can manage without it since the nude shades are there to substitute.

The lip colors are pigmented beautifully. One glide gives good color for lip lining. If you wish you fill the lips then obviously repeated application is required. The texture is soft and jus about smooth, I wont call it buttery smooth. These pencils gave me more than I asked for, enriched with vitamins and aloe vera as per claims. The finish is True matte without a hint of shine or gloss (LOVE).

Did you ask staying power? Well, it stays there until you wipe it off with a makeup remover. It doesn’t get removed with a cleanser only since it is waterproof.

Me Now True Lips Lip Liner : All 12 shades

Me Now Lip Liner Buy Online

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MN True Lips Lip Liner Review and Swatches

How I use it


  1. When I line my lips with it, the lip color stays in place and lasts much longer.
  2. When I use it as a lip base. The colors are nude and provide a good light color base for the bright lipsticks to pop. This also helps lipstick to stick longer.
  3. I sometimes use it as an eye liner too, just for some fun.


Why you should buy MN True Lips Lip Liner


  • The packaging is so girly and colorful.
  • Dream affordable price
  • Beautiful shades to play with
  • True matte formula
  • Waterproof
  • Enriched with vitamins and aloe vera
  • There is one for every person
  • The pigmentation is amazing
  • Staying power is quite long
  • Work well as lip base color


Why you should not buy MN True Lips Lip Liner

  • Not easily available everywhere
  • Doesn’t remove without oil/makeup remover


Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 4.8/5


Final Verdict

These are the cheapest and great quality lip liners you can put your hands on. Pigmented, long staying, perky packaging and amazing shades. This is a must to keep your lip liner game sorted.

Have you used these lip liners yet? Which one is your current favorite lip liner?

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