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Maybelline V Face Buy Online
Affordable Highlighter and Contour Stick Review
Maybelline Contour and Highlighter


Contour and Highlight in one pack is not only convenient but color coordinated too. Using two different things at times is cumbersome, for those days you have these duos and two in ones. Since I buy all the Maybelline new launches, probably that’s why the PR doesn’t contact me Blum 3 They know I will review it anyway. But I won’t stop. Jokes apart, I got this months ago and finally reviewing it now. *hides face behind the door*

Product Description

Maybelline New York presents the stunning V-face Duo Stick by Face Studio that makes it easy to define, shape and highlight your features like a pro. An all-in-one contouring and face sculpting duo stick, this gives dimension to your face with its contouring shade and highlighter. Promising a 10% slimmer face and an instantly sharper nose in just a few steps, Maybelline V-face Duo Stick can be used to accentuate your features with ease to achieve that natural foolproof contoured look!
All in one contouring and highlighting duo stick
Easily blendable creamy formula
Available in 2 shades for Light to Medium and Medium to Dark skin tone
Suitable for all face types - square, round or heart shaped face

Price: Rs. 650
Quantity: 9 gms

Available in two shades – Medium and Medium to Dark

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Maybelline Highlight and Contour Stick Review

Maybelline V Face Duo Stick Buy Online India

My Opinion on Maybelline V Face Duo Stick

I feel using the contour with a brush and powder is quite a task of blending perfectly. I prefer the stick contours more somehow. They are easy to apply and carry too. What do you think? But I know every type and form of makeup has a separate speciality. I like both, but on lazy and on the run days, stick is better.


Since you know it with the name, its a duo stick. The highlighter is on one end and the contour on the other. Both are secured with a click lock transparent top cap. This makes it easy to identify which side is for highlight and which one is contour. The packaging appearance is dull to me and it could have been better for sure.
The highlighter and contour both look like lipstick bullets and are retractable.


The Maybelline Duo Stick in Medium to Dark is lightly pigmented and suited for daily wear. The highlighting shade is subtle enough to give a glow from within glow while the contour shade is not over the top. The contour shade could have been darker for the darker variant, but its dull and subdued to me. I need two applications to build in the color and sculpt the face.


The product is smooth and buttery in application. It glides on the skin seamlessly. The highlight is not over the top and perfect for everyday use. The contour is matte and comfortable finish. Thre is no creasing or oily appearance for both the shades.


I am impressed with the highlighter, but not with the contour. It is low pigmented and needs repeated applications to show up on my NC 37 skin. I keep it for daily wear, if at all i want to contour. Since I don’t wear contour on a daily basis. The subtleness of both the highlighter and contour makes it good choice for daily wear.
The highlighter stays for 5 to 6 hours, while the contour seams to vanish in a few hours.

Maybelline V Face Duo stick Review and Swatches

How I use it


After the base is done, i take the dark contour shade and apply it in from the temples to the jaw line in “C” shape. With the help of a tapered brush I blend it with the base. I repeat the application if required. I set it with contour powder from THIS Blush trio.


After applying the blush, I apply dots of the highlighter side and blend it with my finger tips. I use it on the bridge of the nose and brow bone to highlight. I don’t apply any additional highlighting powder over it.

Maybelline V Face Duo Swatches

Maybelline V Face Duo Stick Review and Price


Why should you buy Maybelline V Face Duo Stick


  • Two products in one stick
  • Easily available across the stores and online
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Highlighter subtle enough to give right amount of natural glow
  • See through caps to identify the contour and highlight side
  • Doesn’t crease or appear oily


Why you should not buy Maybelline V Face Duo Stick


  • Low pigmentation
  • The contour shade doest stay for long if not set with contour powder
  • Boring packaging
  • Contour shade not dark enough for Indian skintone


Recommendation: Yes for Beginners
NoM Report Card: 3/5


Final Verdict

I have mixed feeling for this product, the highlighter is good but I am not impressed with contour. The pigmentation, packaging and staying power could have been better.


Have you tried the Maybelline V Face Duo Stick? How is your experience?

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