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The makeup industry is launching a new type of product every now and then. These new launches are so enticing, that I cant control my temptations and want to grab them all. I got these color bombing mascara from L’Oreal’s newly launched Baby Roll Mascara range. The shades are called Indigo and Lilac.

Product Description

 Our Mega Curl Roller Brush curls lashes from the root, for an instant lash lift! The Quick Mega Volume formula volumises lashes and holds them in a curl all day.  

Price: Rs. 900
Quantity: 9.1 ml
Shelf Life: 30 months

Available online at Habanna, PayTM

L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Mascara

L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Mascara Price in India

L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Mascara : Indigo & Lilac

My Opinion on L’Oreal Paris Mega Volume Baby Roll Mascara

The swooning lilac shade was reason enough for me to grab it within the blink of an eye. Its not that it was an impulsive purchase, I had been to the L’Oreal counter to see around, only when I spotted a few new launches. I had seen Sonam Kapoor do an insta story on Sexy Balm and I wanted to buy them all, since they are quite affordable. I grabbed those too, that will come later. Coming back to the point, the mascara wand is curled and giant. I saw it and I knew, it gonna add volume Baby.
I have been using this mascara for the past 5 days and formed a solid opinion. Lets get to know it.


The tube is big fat color coded, as in transparent. This packaging is rare to see in any mascara, I haven’t used any transparent packaging mascara yet. Since I own two colors it becomes quite easy to identify the shade in the stash. The transparent sticker contains the price, quantity, shelf life and other details.


The consistency is just what I like, doesn’t clump and applies easily. I think that’s what most mascaras do. Anyway, this applied like a dream and I didn’t struggle with the wand whatsoever. the lashes became thick and voluminous in two coats.


The shades are the USP. Both of them are equally exciting, but I wont lie I was more excited about the Lilac one, since this shade is mascara is rare. I was right, it is definitely rare.
 The Lilac shade is beautiful in the tube, so unique and soothing that you want to apply it there and then. I had tested it at the counter and fell in love. It sure is head turning and people are bound to notice you.Since it is a light shade, you will have to layer it up for it to show. This is less pigmented nd needs layering on jet back lashes.
The Indigo or blue shade is more wearable and dark. It looks beautiful when paired with blue eye liner. When applied just alone it looks more evident. As in I applied just this and nothing else on the eyes and it made my eyes look wide and awake, the color was prominent and no other eye liner was able to steal the credit out of it.

Volume and Length

The curled wand is reason enough to make the lashes to a volume and length ride. I was shocked looking at the volume and depth it provided in just one coat. Ion two coats the color is more evident and the volume doubles too. I am loving it. The open, awake and happy eye look.
The staying power is all day long, unless you remove it with a good makeup remover. I use the Maybelline Express finish and a tissue/cotton to remove it completely. Even oil can’t get rid of it. Can you imagine?

L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Mascara Swatches

Left : Lilac, Right : Indigo

L'Oreal Colored Mascara Review

L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Indigo Mascara Pictures

L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Lilac Mascara Pictures

Why should you buy L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Mascara


  • The big size tube to last longer
  • Transparent packaging- color and product remaining identification
  • Curled wand to give extra volume
  • Separates lashes
  • Doesn’t clump
  • Adds amazing volume
  • Makes eyes look wide and awake
  • Beautiful colors for the lashes
  • Lasts all day long. Waterproof.


Why you should not buy L’Oreal Mega Volume Baby Roll Mascara

  • Can be removed only with makeup remover.



Final Verdict

These colored masacaras will give your eyes and makeup a new definition. The shades are pretty and gives volume and curl to the lashes. Eyes appear big and open. Colored lashes are sure a bold statement one should give it a try.

Which one I like more? Well both, so glad to buy both.
Hope this review helped you in picking the color you want. Let me know your recommendations for Colored Mascara in the comments below.

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