Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion – Must have to Combat Hair Fall

Japakusum Anti Hair Fall Lotion Review
Best Hair Product to Stop Hairfall


I was a happy baby when I got my hair chemically treated in 2015 year end. T looked so good and I earned a lot of compliments. Soon after I faced a lot of hair issues – weak roots, hair fall, dandruff. Point to be noted- I was going through hairfall issues for a year before smoothening. So you might want to know, did it alarm the issues? Yes, it did. I was facing serious hair fall and seemed hopeless. Its just that sometimes you don’t know when and how to hit the bull’s eye. Its just the case with hair fall. Skin issues can be treated and well controlled, but hair issues are tricky and needs through knowledge research or a miracle.

It was then when I came across a post on Shayoni’s Blog. She is a blogger whom I trust immensely for skincare products. She had used and recommended this Product called Japakusum Scalp Lotion. She claimed it improved hair regrowth and fought hair fall like a miracle. I immediately decided to try it out.

Product Description

15 day every night application to scalp. Then thrice a week application
BioGreen’s Japakusum Scalp Lotion useful for :
Hair Loss, Itching of Scalp, Dandruff
Japakusum Scalp Lotion Available in 60ml,100ml,200ml bottle

Active Ingredients-


  • Each 5 ml contains extracts of :
  • Hibiscus Rosa sinensis
  • (Jaswand) 10 mg
  • Lawsonia alba (Henna) 12 mg
  • Eclipta alba (Maka) 5 mg
  • Emblica officials (Amla) 25 mg
  • Aloe barbadensis ( Kumari) 750 mg
  • In a water miscible gel base.

Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion is a combination of Japakusum (Hibiscus) flower, Aloe Juice, Amla, Mehendi (Henna) and “Maka (Bhringraj) in a perfect combination with ultra modern technology gifted water washable gel base.

Price:  Rs. 160 (100 ml), Rs. 260 ( 200 ml)
Quantity: 100 & 200 ml
Shelf Life:  3 yrs

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Japakusum Lotion Review

Japakusum Scalp Lotion Review

My Opinion on Japakasum Scalp Lotion

I had good expectation from this one owing its ayurvedic composition. But at the back of my mind, that hopeless pessimist was whispering “this won’t work either, this will be your first and last bottle”. I had bought the 200 ml bottle straight with high hopes and firm mind that I will follow the instructions and do the needful.  I started using it in December 2016 and currently using my third bottle.

The lotion is packed in a brown translucent plastic bottle with a screw close cap. The product information is all mentioned in a leaflet which comes inside the paper carton box. It is thick brown translucent gel based lotion. I took a sigh of relief, why, you ask? It is not oily and can be applied daily on scalp. Yay! I wash my hair every three days ever since I started using the Japakusum Scalp Lotion.

How I use it?

The instruction on the pack says use it every night for 15 days for best results. I have used it every night for a month or so and noticed a good improvement. From the first day itself I loved the feel and fragrance, I have loved the mehendi notes and it reminds me of chawanprash (the foodie in me, hehe) it smells terrific and so good for the hair. I applied it every night on my scalp and it didn’t make my hair oily or greasy at all. It did wet the hair but it dried in a few minutes.

I apply it every evening after returning from work and keep my hair loose to let it dry. I wash my hair twice a week and apply it daily without fail. I noticed a difference in hair fall rate in two weeks.  I didn’t stop using it and continued for months. I noticed reducing hair fall with regular use. Dandruff didn’t show much of an improvement though.

I will recommend it to every girl to try it at least once as per given instructions.
It should show improvement s unless you have different and deterring lifestyle.

Anti Hairfall Lotion in India

Japakusum Scalp Lotion to Stop Hairfall

Japakusum Scalp Lotion : Anti Hairfall Treatment

Why to buy Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion


  • Ayurvedic formulation
  • Inexpensive
  • Composed of hair benefitting elements
  • Gel based and doesn’t grease the hair
  • Smells good
  • Keeps hair frizz free

Why not to buy Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion

  • No reason




  • Sleeping immediately after application
  • Washing it immediately after application
  • Skipping application within 15 days

Recommendation: Big Yes
NoM Report Card: 4.8/5

Final Verdict


If you are suffering from hair fall and willing to follow the instructions to get rid of the unwanted and uncontrollable hair fall give the Japakusum Scalp Lotion a try. It is lightweight, herbal and works well against hair fall.

Have you used the Japakusum Scalp Lotion yet? What do you think of it?



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