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I have been a sucker for fresh juice at home, but only when I have spare time. I avoid such juices and drinks outside, coz they use a lot of sugar and I am doubtful of how clean they are.  I am a busy woman, but always spare time for kitchen.  My new experiments and trials are mostly done on weekends, when I am one with myself. Sounding poetic, eh? Well its very important to pursue your hobby and that’s what cooking is to me. During the weekends I try newer recipes, which might be known and heard of, but I am trying out for the first time. I will try them out and share the detailed recipe with you all on my blog. Keep a watch on my snapchat and insta stories during the weekends, Its cooking time.

Fresh Juice and Ceasar Salad at Home

Fresh Watermelon Juice Recipe

Summer Fresh Drink : Watermelon Juice

Since it is summer and watermelon and mangoes are everywhere. Lets start with watermelon first. Today I will share an imaginary recipe, which I made with idea of cooling and freshness on a hot summer afternoon.

I could think of watermelon, lemon, mint and ice. What say? Sounds fresh enough? You can use salt for taste.

Watermelon- Watermelon fruit is 91% water, contains 6% sugars, and is low in fat.
Ice- Instant coolness and refreshing
Lemon- I have used the Big lemon (Gandharaj) It smells amazing and adds flavor
Mint Leaves- its an epitome of freshness

Making it is super duper easy. Follow these steps and it will be ready in no time.
Cut Watermelon into chunks and deseed it. Wash the mint leaves. Deseed and squeeze the gandharaj lemon. Now you take the ice cubes, put it in a juicer along with watermelon and mint leaves. Give it a grind, the ice needs to be crushed not melted.

Take out in a container, you can sieve or have it as it is. I like to have it without sieving. Now add lime juice. You can add salt or sugar based on your choice. I add a pinch of salt. Garnish with mint leaves and lemon slice.

Lemon and Mint Fresh Fruit Juice

Chilled Watermelon Slush

Mint Watermelon Slush

Voila! Your fresh natural drink is ready at home. It hardly took 10 minutes for the entire process.
Hope you like the recipe and make it at home. Let me know your views in the comments below.


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