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When you are trying to remove unwanted body hair, the first thing you probably try is shaving. If that doesn't suit you then you may have moved on to waxing. Those are, after all, the two most common at-home methods for hair removal. But is shaving or waxing really the only way to get rid of unwanted body hair?

How Waxing and Shaving Remove Hair

Waxing and shaving unwanted hair away are techniques that certainly have their place. But shaving especially only removes part of each strand of hair. The razor blade is dragged across the surface of the skin, effectively mowing the hair down where it pops out of the skin, just as you might mow grass to shorten it. The root of the hair and a good portion of the hair itself stays behind ready to poke back through at any moment. Waxing pulls some hair out at the root, but it gives inconsistent and unpredictable results, making it no better if you want to remove that unwanted hair with confidence for any predictable length of time.

Hair Removal Methods


Getting More Consistent and Lasting Hair Removal Through Laser Treatments

One of the easiest and most used alternative methods of hair removal is the use of laser hair removal devices. The lasers are capable of treating each individual hair in its entirety, even the portion growing below the outer layer of skin. By removing each whole hair a few goals are accomplished. First, you won't have the embarrassment of missing a hair or two, as you might when shaving. Second, since the whole hair is removed it will take much longer to grow back. Third, the hair follicles, or roots, may be damaged or destroyed, preventing regrowth for even longer. In some instances the hair may not grow back at all, but it usually takes a series of treatments to get any permanent results.

Electrolysis, Epilators, and Other Clinical Hair Removal Methods

There are also other clinical tools which can be used to get rid of unwanted hair, such as electrolysis devices and epilators. Electrolysis is effective, but often uncomfortable. It uses electrical currents to damage or destroy all hairs in its path. Epilators are far less invasive, as they use spinning disks to grab and remove the hairs. Some epilators can even be purchased by the general public and used in private homes. Many of them are tiny hand-held gadgets that are similar to tweezers. If you choose to have hair removal performed in a clinical setting then your clinician will go over all of the options that are open to you to help you select one.

Figuring Out Which Hair Removal Method is Best

Choosing your own personal favorite hair removal method will depend on a lot of things. First, you must decide how often you want to have to remove the hair in question. Second, Do you want to be rid of it permanently, or do you not mind treating it on a regular basis? Also, do you want to get rid of it at home or prefer being treated by experts? You also have to consider the fact that some treatments are meant to remove a couple of stray hairs, while others can be beneficial if you have large patches of hair you want to remove. Only by weighing all of those factors can you choose a hair removal option that fits with your needs, schedule, and budget.

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 What do you think? Which method would you choose to get rid of the unwanted hair?


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