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When it comes to party or special occasion, little glitter doesn’t harm isn’t it? Likewise, the regular black liner needs a break sometimes, for those days a glitter liner serves best. Today I will discuss about Essence Glitter Liner n black variant.

Product Description

Essence Circus Circus Liquid Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner with a thin brush which allows for easy and precise application and flawless finish

Price : Rs. 279
Quantity: 6 ml
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

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Essence Glitter Liner Review

Essence Citrus Citrus Glitter Liner

Essence Glitter Liner Buy Online


See it through my Eyes

 I love to surf Amazon and Flipkart once in a while to discover new makeup. This product was not a recent purchase, but quite an old one. It was lying unnoticed in a DIY creation. i generally photograph a product right when I buy it, but with this one I didn’t. So to cut the story short, its better late than never. So how does this glitter liner perform, good or bad, read on to know.

It is packed in a regular tube and wand packaging and not in a bottle form. The applicator screw opens and has a long brush to give better room for the hands on the face. The tube being transparent shows the color inside the tube, it looks shimmery black liquid and shines through.

The texture is flowy and too liquidy to my liking, it could have been slightly thicker consistency. The liner applies smooth easy on the lash line without much hassle. Though I expected it to be bit more intense if it would have been thicker. The most annoying thing about the liner is it takes forever to dry. I apply two coats and when blink the eyes; my brow bone is stained too and it’s not a good feeling.

The color and glitter stays on the eyes for about 6 hours, after which it sort of fades. I always apply it in form of a line only and not a shadow.  The black sheen on the lash line over a matte shadow looks beautiful.

Affordable Black Glitter Eyeliner

Essence Glitter Liner : Review & Swatches

Essence Glitter Liner EOTD

What I like about Essence Glitter Liner

  • Clear tube packaging
  • Finely milled glitter evenly distributed
  • Quite affordable for a glitter liner
  • Affordable price tag

What I don’t like about Essence Glitter Liner

  • Could have been thicker consistency
  • Stains the brow bone if liner not dry
  • Takes long to dry

Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 3.7/5

Final Verdict

The Essence glitter liner in black color looks gorgeous on the eyes, especially over matte shadows. If you leave behind a few cons, this will be a great budget glitter liner. Worth a try.

Have you used this glitter liner yet? Which is your favorite one now?

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