DIY Flip Cover Makeup Palette

DIY Z Palette at Home
Make your own Eye Shadow Palette for Solo Shadow/Blush Pans
How to Reuse Old Mobile Cover
DIY Eye Shadow Case



So I have these few solo eye shadow, blush, corrector pans from Inglot. I didn't invest in a palette separately. For very long I stored them in their original box packaging. One fine day I thought of making one for myself. It was an experiment and I was successful and happy with the result.

This DIY is so simple will make you attempt it right after reading this post. It’s not only simple, but fun to do. You will need very few things to create it. So let’s just begin.

DIY makeup Palette

DIY Z Palette


You Will Need -

  • Any 5 to 6 inch Mobile Flip cover or even the tab cover
  • Both side tape
  • Scissor
  • Your solo makeup pans which you want to organize


Easy DIY Makeup Palette


How to do it

By now, you have a rough idea of how to do it. I have used my old mobile cover which I had stored thinking that I will put it to some use. So this is the best way to recycle and put to best use. The flip cover not only provides a wholesome base to the pan but also shelters them to keep it away from dust and impurities.

I have cut the double side tape and placed them one on another such that the locked and secured. This tape will act as a magnet and keep the contents safe.
I made two such double tape locks for either edges and placed it at the base of the mobile cover. This way the cover will be closed perfectly and the pans inside will be safe.

The usual Z palette is magnetically secured; we will try to achieve just that with double side tape. Cut the tape as per size and shape of the pans and stick it to the base of the pan. Lastly, organize as per wish and paste the pans accordingly for best space utilization.  That's all your very own Z palette is ready. You can make separate ones for lips, eyes, face.

Affordable Z Palette at Home

Makeup Palette DIY

Make Your Own Z Palette at Home

DIY Eye Shadow Case
Easy Makeup DIY

Create Your Own Z Palette

In my palette you see and Inglot Blush, blue eye shadow, black eye shadow. lipstick all by Inglot. The last round orange one is a Kryolan Coreector.

Since I had a black phone cover with a window, I jazzed it up a bit with these stick ons. You can totally skip it. Further added my name to make it more personalized.
That's all, so simple yet so useful. Please let me know in the comments below. How you like the idea.

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