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Whenever I get free time I put my creativity to test. I love making things which are recycled and can be useful. I am a nature lover and love all things beauty and color. In my quest, I end up with experiments in nail art and now home decor. In this DIY project i show you a fun way to add color in that dull corner of your room. You will need minimal things and just a little time to create this beauty.

Things you need-


  • An empty clear glass bottle/mason jar
  • Glass paints
  • Piece of cloth to keep your hands clean
  • Brush (not mandatory, but better)
  • Newspaper to keep the floor or work station clean



DIY Glass Showpiee

Glss Paints


How to do it

Wash the bottle and dry it completely. Take out the glass paints and the black outline in the pack of colors.
We need to make horizontal parallel lines on the bottle body starting from the base working our way up. I have sealed it to three lines. You can do the full bottle just with these lines. After making all the three lines, i have randomly made vertical lines irregularly in between two lines.

On the rest of the upper part, I have outlines randomshapes to be filled in with colors later.
Now let these outlines air dry for about 20-30 minutes.
I have picked random colors from the set and filled it in a particular sync with no particular order. Just randomly, keeping in my mind no color is repeated side by side. I have tried to keep a contrast and colored them all.

Step by Step Room Deoor DIY

DIY Colorful Mason Jar

DIY Colorful Glass Showpiece

DIY Rainbow Glass Showpiece

Glass Colors Showpiece DIY

In some parts where the colors acted funny, I fixed it with a paint brush eventually giving it a gradient appearance. This gradient added edge to the look I think.

Let it dry and adjust the bottle inverted and straight as and when required. The colors might play rock and roll since they are in liquid form and Gravity cant be controlled. If you get what I mean.

Recycled Room Decor

Room Decor DIY

 I have made similar one with just pola dots all over. This one was a practise session. If you are interested in this DIY type, you should probably start with a simple design like this.

Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas

DIY Colorful Mason Jar

That's all the lines, shapes are all now color filled and you are ready with your new found handmade piece.
Let me know how you liked the idea. Let’s chat in the comments below, if you have any doubts or questions.



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