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I have always been into quick and easy makeup. But as time is passing and I am getting into YouTube and more deeply involved in beauty as a whole, I have developed new taste and want to experiment with my makeup looks. I had seen my co-bloggers create and come up with this amazing halloween looks day after day. But I had no interest and thought myself to be too immature for these skills. Little did I know, I had it in, unless I tired it for the first time.

This year, I thought of just trying a halloween makeup look and wasn't sure of how it will turn out to be. But I was pleasently surprised and jumping in joy seeing the results.

I may not be an expert, but this was my first every try at a imaginative character makeup. This definitely gave me courage to try out newer makeup looks.


Makeup Breakdown-


  • Ivory shade of Maybelline Mousse Foundation


For Eyes -

  • Lotus Eco Stay Kajal
  • Lakme White Kohl
  • Red Blue Heaven Liquid Lipstick
  • Lakme Insta Liner Black

For Lips-

  • Lakme White Kohl
  • Red Blue Heaven Liquid Lipstick
  • Lakme Insta Liner Black

Lets discuss how did I achieve this look.

I was tired after an outing and didn't do the makeup freshly. I applied the light foundation shade over my existing makeup I was wearing. You will see my ears are my natural skin color and not as white as the face. I did this also on purpose, just to check if it gave my skin a little worn out look which will be apt for Halloween Look.


Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Next I took the liquid Eyeliner and etched out a shape to give a masque look, but just on one eye.
After the outline was dry, I filled it in with a black kohl. The under eye was left blank for my imagination to work at the end.

I used the liquid liner to form cuts and stitches on the face for a spooky look. I gave it a 3D effect by outlining it slightly with the red liquid lipstick.
The lips have a mix of three colos Red, Black and white. I left the lipstick smeared on purpose.

I am a big time "Game of Thrones" fan, so I used a bit of it in this look - "the fake eye above the lid". I gave an illusion of eyes open while already shut. I hope you get what I mean. See in the next picture.

Spooky Princess Makeup Look

Game of Thrones Inspired Makeup

For the lips, I first filled it with a white kohl. Later made an extended outline with black liquid liner. Filled outer part with rd liquid lipstick and left it half smeared and iregular to fulfill the purpose. Added sticth and cuts to the extended black line around the lips.

Scary Makeup Look

Red and Black Halloween Makeup

Stitch and Cuts Halloween Makeup

The Dark Side

In different Color Gradient

Happy Halloween

Playing with Colors

For the other eye I drew randowm pattern and wanted to portray a girl locked in a cage and showing tears in form of blood drops from the eyes.


Eyes Open Eyes Shut Illusion

Believe me when I am saying I created this look on Sunday midnight only after coming back from a dinner date, was filming a video and then just decided to try it out. So much of story beacuse its like a rebirtth to myself. I tried it for the first time and came out well. I am super excited. Please let me know in the comments down below, how you find this look.

My main motive was to scare the viewers. I hope you got scared and shocked to see this look. Please let me know in the comments below.




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