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Rather than creating those complex nail art designs involving a tonne of tools, I prefer the simple ones. With simple, I don’t mean boring, but fun and easy to create. I have previously created THIS and THIS for the beginners.

Balloon Nail Art

Nail Paints I Used for Nailart

This balloon nail art is colorful and attractive; I did this for the New Year celebrations. You can wear this design for a Birthday, an Anniversary too.  So lets begin.

I have used-

  • Base coat
  • Top Coat
  • Silver Nail Polish
  • Green, Blue nail colors
  • Black and Cherry
  • An eyeliner brush


Nailart for BeginnersMethod

Step 1

First paint your nail with a generous base coat; I have used the RIMMEL Base Coat. Let it dry.

Step 2

After it completely dries, apply the base color. Since it was meant for celebration, I wanted it to shine but not sparkle. Thus I used a silver base color.

Step 3

Now with the help of an eyeliner brush, I created a balloon outline with string. Believe me it’s damn easy to do. I have used two different colors for making the outlines, black and cherry.  I have dipped an old eyeliner brush into black polish to create the balloons. Once the outline is dry and solid; we need to fill the colors.

Step 4

 I have used green and blue color balloons. This combo always looks fun and matches most outfits. Fill the colors inside the balloon outline. Let it dry. I have used a matte blue here from Revlon, review HERE. I love the fun and vibrant shade so much.

Step 5 (optional)

Like I have used a matte nail color, so I have skipped the top coat for this one. You can totally use it, basis the texture of the nail colors used. I thought the silver shiny and blue matte created an edge.

Step by Step Nailart Tutorial

Colorful Nailart

Balloon Nailart Tutorial

That’s it, the nail art is ready and you are ready to rock.
Let me know how you like the design in the comments below.


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