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Body Shop Hand Cream Review
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The Body Shop skincare is world famous and quality personified. I hate to admit but I am one of the rare species who has stayed away from the best things for the longest time ever. Yes, I am punishable for staying away from the Body Shop products since forever. When they had a discount going on their website I indulged in a few products you must have seen HERE.

Product Description

This sweet Strawberry daily hand cream helps soften and protect hands with light, juicy moisture. The instantly absorbing formula is ideal for on-the-go hydration. Non-greasy moisture Wonderfully light gel-cream formula Absorbs instantly Enriched with Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana.

Price: Rs. 350
Quantity: 30 ml
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

Available online at Body Shop Website

Body Shop Hand Ceam

Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream

See it through my Eyes


Though I have a combi-oily skin, my hands get super dry and harsh in the air conditioned environment. What was I? A crow in the last birth Blum 3 no seriously, I was in hunt of good hand cream and then saw this beauty from TBS. I immediately added this to the cart. I am a happy soul now. Let’s find out why.

The product s packed in a plastic tube grey and red in color. It is screw secured and therefore no chances of leakage and thus very travel friendly. The tube also ensures hygiene and unaltered quality. The ingredients are mentioned on the back of the tube. While the price is mentioned on a sticker which can be easily peeled off.

The cream is a translucent white gel like cream which is very light on the skin. it moisturizes the palms just right and doesn’t make it oily or greasy at all. This is the most important criteria for me. If it is oily or greasy I will never apply on my palms and be miss butter fingers and leave my stainy finger prints everywhere.

The fragrance of this hand cream is to die for. It spreads like magic when I apply it on the hands and massage it through. I get compliments from people around and I am asked as to what I have applied. It is the sweetest aroma of strawberry you have ever sniffed. The fragrance remains in the palms for quite some time and lingers through.

The hands become soft and smooth on application. However, on washing off the softness vanishes in a few hours. Thus, you may understand the effects are temporary and restricted only till you use it. Once you wash it off, effects are gone. I mean the softness and smoothness. I have to re apply to get rid of my dry hands. In winters, this cream will not suffice for extreme dryness.

TBS Hand Cream Review

Strawberry Hand Cream

Body Shop Hand Cream Review

What I like about The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream

  • Hygienic and travel friendly tube packaging
  • Sweetest strawberry fragrance
  • Doesn’t make the hands greasy
  • Makes hands soft and smooth on application
  • Affordable price tag
  • Easily available online and at the stores

What I don’t like about The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream

  • Effects are not long lasting
  • Not apt for harsh winters


Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 4.5/5


Final Verdict


This hand cram is a delight to use for daily use. It gives perfectly moisturized hands without making them greasy. If you are not looking for long term results, you should surely give it a try. Recommended.

Have you used any Body shop Hand Cream? Which one do you recommend me?


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