Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Skincare Uses of Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover
Coconut Oil for Winter


We all have heard about the dadima ke nuskhe and kitchen recipes for skincare. I have used them since childhood and hardly complained. When I was a teenager and had no access to money, I have used the kitchen remedies for best in skincare. Today I will discuss one such product/ingredient which is available in our kitchen and homes, this is a great boon to mankind. I am talking about the “Coconut Oil”.

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Let’s discuss these one by one in points-

As an hair oil

The most common use of coconut oil is certainly for the hair. To massage it regularly on the scalp and all over the hair strands, promotes hair growth. It also aids in hair growth and stops hair fall. I like to warm it up a bit and use it on the hair roots and massage it through. After the massage, I leave it for about 2 hours or so and wash it off with my favorite shampoo. Hair is shiny, soft and smooth. repeated use promotes hair growth and controls hair fall.

Relieve dry skin

The overnight skin therapy with coconut oil really helps. I use it on my knees, elbows, feet overnight for soft and smooth skin in the morning.

Winter skin moisturizer

In the winters, when I take batch and in a hurry. I prefer to use it all over the body instead of a moisturizer or body lotion. This not only soothes and softens the skin, it is quick and time saving process. Skin stays hydrated for longer.

Skincare Benefits of Coconut Oil

As a makeup remover

When I apply heavy makeup on the face, I prefer cocoanut oil as a makeup remover. This removes every trace of makeup and skin is cleaner and instantly moisturized. On cleansing the skin, the skin becomes all fresh and new.

DIY skincare recipe

Not only coconut oil is useful on its own, but a great complimentary substance to any skin or hair care DIY.  Be it a body scrub or a hair masque, coconut oil is very helpful.

As a lip moisture

Applying coconut oil on lips with a q-tip gets soft, moistened and smooth lips during winters.

Haircare with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Beauty Tips

As a cuticle cream

Periodical massage of coconut oil in cuticles and nail beds helps it remain soft and hydrated. This prevents drying and flaking of skin around the nails.

To revive gel eyeliner

One drop of coconut oil and little scraping the gel liner can bring it back to life.

As a moisturizing base makeup

Adding a drop of coconut oil to your dry base makeup can instantly make it moisturizing and ads glow to the skin.

Coconut Oil for Winters

So those were the ways in which I like to use coconut oil. How do you use it? If you have any other ideas, please let me know in the comments below.

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