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When I saw those dreamy makeup videos they used some makeup brushes which bowled me over. I always wanted to use those brushes and make my makeup look seamless and gorgeous. Though they looked amazing, they were all expensive. The Kabuki brushes in that gold and black body was all sexy and desirable. I wanted those, but not ready to spend a bomb. Just to check the website, I learned Sigma brush set costs about $90 for five Kabuki brushes and another $72 for the Precision kit. I fainted.   Cut two; enter online shopping giants- Ebay and Amazon. I searched for look alikes and dupes online, I found out quite a few.

I found those sigma Kabuki brush dupes on Amazon India. I had read and heard about the brand called BS Mall who make some good quality brushes. I took a chance and ordered this set of 10 brushes which looked just like my dream brushes. When I ordered them last year they were for Rs. 999 and now escalated and going good for 1199.

Sigma Brush Set Dupe

BS Mall Brushes Review

BS Mall Face Brushes Review

Product Description

Brand new and high quality.
Silky Soft. Makes Applying Makeup a Luxurious Experience.
Bold handle for easy use.
Soft and silky to touch
Fizzmall - Exclusive seller of BS-MALL brand in India.

Price : Rs. 1199/-
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My Opinion on BS-MALL(TM) Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set 

I got them with mixed emotions, excitement to use my dream brushes in affordable price tag and fear of wasting Rs. 1000 for a good looking disguise. While within I waited patiently for the parcel to arrive.
The brushes were packed individually in a seal free plastic film. Similarly the brush set of 10 was packed in a self adhesive transparent plastic. There was a small pager about the brand and the product. The brushes looked great but BLUE. I washed them before use. I am a person on the go always, in the last six months I have used them couple of time and washed them thrice. They still appear Blue, maybe they are made that way ( I am presuming)

There are total of 10 brushes. Five of them are fat and designed for the different functions. While the other five are lean and precision brushes to define the face. All the brushes are soft and dense. I was super excited to use them and get that flawless base I always wanted. Lets discuss about the brushes functionality.

BS Mall Brushes from Amazon India

Sigma Precision Brushes Dupe - BS Mall

Round Makeup Brushes

BS Mall Face Brushes

Small Face Brushes

Tapered Face Brushes

Angled Brush

Kabuki Brushes- These are five in number and have the exact precision version. The brushes are labeled as –

Face Round Angled- I set my whole face with it after all is done. It is angled and rounded so the loose powder spreads well and reaches difficult areas too. The densely packed hair is great source to ensure face is evenly applied with makeup and doesn’t look cakey.
Face Tapered- since it is tapered and edgy, I like to contour with it- cheeks, nose and chine area. Just the application, blending can be done with the flat angled brush.
Face Flat- Best used for applying foundation. I have used both cake and liquid foundation with this. It spreads and applies liquid foundation like a dream and applies even application. Applying cake/cream foundation like THIS is tricky but not bad either.
Face Flat Angled – Can be used for blush and contour. Powder, sticks, cream- it works well with all textures
Face Round- This brush is best used for applying powder. Due to its thick and dense brushes, it is equally good to apply loose or compact powder.

Precision Set of five brushes has no names, but look exactly like the kabuki brushes, just leaner. Each of them has multi uses of face definition and eye makeup too.

The tapered brush I use for defining inner corner or eyes and smoky eye makeup. I clean it up like THIS and use it for highlighting the high points of my face.
The small round brush can be used for eye shadow blending and crease color application.
The angled brush is too sharp and can be used for contouring.
Flat brush is also quite sharp and well framed; I used it for spot correction on pimples and blemishes
Round angled brush can be used for powdering under eyes and blending shadow.
Each of the brushes are multipurpose, gentle and soft on the skin. They don’t prick, cause irritation or apply patchy makeup. Do they shed, you ask? Well NO, they Don’t.

BS Mall Brushes

BS Mall Brushes Affordable Dupes of Sigma


Why to buy BS-MALL(TM) Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set


  • Value for money 10brushes for just 1200/- 
  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • Dupes of sigma Kabuki and Precision set in one set
  • Can be used for both face and eye makeup
  • They don’t shed
  • Never broke me out
  • Gives seamless base makeup


Why not to buy BS-MALL(TM) Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set


  • Bad packaging, I expected a sturdy pouch or bag to store them well
  • The brush top is blue in color, not sure it’s meant to be like this or color infused
  • Packaging is not sturdy; I broke one of the brush handles later fixed with feviquick.


Quick Tiips

  • Wash them after maximum of five uses to keep them germ free.
  • Store them in a box well spread to keep them fluffy and full feathered.
  • When using liquid products, spray face mist/rose water/distilled water on the brush head before applicationon the face. This won’t let the brush soak any makeup and you won’t waste the makeup product either.
  • If storing them in a brush stand, make sure the brush tops are facing above and not the base of the storage stand/box. This will keep the origianl shape intact and it wont loose shape.


Recommendation: Oh Yes!
NoM Report Card: 4.5/5

Final Verdict

These brushes are affordable dupes of the mighty Sigma brushes. They look good, soft and dense. Can be used for both face and eye makeup. They DON’T SHED. If you are a beginner, this is the best way to start with.

Have you used these Kabuki brushes yet? What do you think of these?

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