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If you have seen y previous post on 10 Kabuki brushes, you will know how awesome those are. I was gushing over and excited to share it with you. The story doesn’t end there, I have found  myself yet another set of makeup brushes, also from Amazon. But these are totally different and unique.


Product Description


10 Oval brushes with excellent quality
Soft hair and easy to use brushes
Perfect for studio and personal use

Price : Rs.999

Buy online at Amazon

Oval Makeup Brushes in India


Oval Makeup Brushes Review

Oval Makeup Brushes from Amazon India


 My Opinion on Toothbrush/Oval Makeup Brushes from Amazon India


So these brushes look unique, don’t they? And what looks unique, is desirable. The unique shape and look of these makeup brushes make it stand out in crowd. The grip and style of using it is also different than the traditional way.

They are available in different colors of pink, pastels, metallic. My favorite remains the black and rose gold packaging. Oh so sexy, desirable and luxurious they look. These are available from different unknown brands. You might know, these are dupes of the Artis Oval Brushes which cost a bomb. Needless to say, I cant afford (even if I could, I wouldn’t- that’s just me. I believe in optimum utilization of resources- my hard earned money that is.)So I browsed into Amazon, Ebay, and Flipkart. I got hold of the best deal on Amazon. This purchase didn’t have a brand name hence mentioned under Generic category . I don’t know whether Generic is a brand or a category. But I have spotted some great products under Generic. Also you will find some great dupes in this category.

These came packed just like the BS Mall brushes, without any pouch or bag. Wrapped in plastic pack, all brushes were packed in individual plastic films too. Since the brushes are wide and takes more space than the stereotype brushes, it’s a problem to store them well. I use this traditional nut box which I got from my Mom. You can keep this in a wide brush stand too. Alternatively, its best to store them in a wide box horizontally and not over one another. The shape of the brushes has to be maintained. However, now I use it often so I keep it in my brush stand as shown in the pictures.
As you can tell, these look amazing. Matte black handle and rose gold rim makes it every girl’s desire. The packaging quality is good and doesn’t look cheap at all. I use it with utmost care and apply little pressure while applying makeup. There are total 10 brushes as mentioned in the title and each one can be used in a different way. So lets begin.

The brushes are extremely soft and gentle on the skin. The hair is dense and well packed to the brush heads. I like to use wet products only after misting the brushes a bit. The finish they give is super SMOOTH, EVEN TONED & SEAMLESS. The makeup looks fresh and there is no question of cakiness. The skin and makeup looks one and gives a polished finish.
The first five brushes are big ad can be used for various face makeup categories. Since these don’t have a name, I will number them for ease of understanding. 1 to 5 are big, 6-10 are tiny brushes which can be used for detailing.


Spoon Makeup Brushes Buy Online in India


The first five brushes are big ad can be used for various face makeup categories. Since these don’t have a name, I will number them for ease of understanding. 1 to 5 are big, 6-10 are tiny brushes which can be used for detailing.
Oval Brush 1 is big and can be used for applying powder. The densely packed brushes and big size is good to cover the entire face and sets makeup to a smooth finish. The face looks all matte, polished and fresh for long.
Oval Brush 2- I use this for applying foundation. The size is big enough to apply base on the cheeks, forehead and chin. For smaller parts there is another brush. The liquid foundations seem to sit on the face and set as one with the skin, making the skin look flawless and seamless.
Oval Brush 3- This brush size is ideal to apply blush on the cheeks. The tightly tuck brushes apply the blush evenly.
Oval Brush 4- now this one is a super hero, it helps me apply concealer like a pro. The concealer blends magic and the size is perfect too.
Oval Brush 5- I keep this one extra for setting powder under the eyes, around the nose. This one serves right at the right places due to its perfect size.
Next up we have the smaller brushes. These are also five in number and have different uses.


Precision Rose Gold Ovall Brushes in India

Oval Brush 6- 10

These are slim and sleek. I use it for different errands.
 Precise Contouring– The nose side edges can be tapered and sharpened with the use of these sharp précised brushes. The jaw line contouring cant be done with a blunt brush, these suepr edgy brushes give an advantage.

Brow Bone- If you want to highlight the brow bone area, use these precision n brushes for exact and sharp stokes of highlighter which can be blended further. Also it can be used for applying brow pomade color on the brows, the comb like sharp hair can help get you that edgy defined look.

 Smokey Eye- After applying kajal on upper lash line, it can be blended with these precision brushes. Gentle stokes to and forth can make the eyes look smokey and sultry.  Smudge any kajal you want and make it your own.
Concealing- Like we need precise contouring in some parts, we also need precise concealing. Near the lips, corners of the eyes and nose. Again the sharp and long shape is helpful.

Spoon Makeup Brushes Review

Why should you buy Toothbrush/Oval Makeup Brushes


  • They look unique and function differently too
  • Classy and luxurious black and gold design
  • Gives flawless powder finish to the skin
  • Different shapes and sizes help in different parts of makeup
  • These brushes don’t shed
  • Extremely soft and cushiony on the skin
  • Huge variety of 10 different shapes and sizes


Why you should not buy Toothbrush/Oval Makeup Brushes


  • No brush name/number mentioned on the body
  • Will take time to get used to the type
  • Little ignorance might lead to tampering the brushes to tilt or break them


Makeup Brush Storage


Kabuki Brushes Vs Oval Brushes- Which one is better?


I have used both the types and like both of them for different aspects.
Application of Base-  Oval Brushes are better since they give a flawless finish.
Eye Makeup- Kabuki Brushes are better here since holding them is easy.
Special Effect- Oval brushes are great when you need to fill your brows, highlight, conceal or contour certain areas of face.
Blush- Both are winner here. Both apply blush beautifully.
Packaging- the Kabuki brushes have labels on the body whereas these oval brushes don’t. Both my purchases came in plastic packets without any concrete box packaging to store them.

Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 4.7/5

Final Verdict


These brushes are a great statement in makeup stash. I love to look, use and keep them in my vanity. They work beautifully. It’s a must have if you are a makeup lover. The different shapes and sizes have different uses. You just eed to get used to it and experiment to get the best use  out of it.


Have you used these spon makeup brushes yet? Whcih is your favorite makeup tool?



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