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Hacks, hacks, hacks we see them everywhere and want to know them all too. You never know which one works out for you. I have been through a few and tried some, out of which some work and hence I am sharing it here.  It so happens that sometimes, we know a technique but haven't put to correct use and later realizes, Gosh why didn't I try this out? So let’s begin this super useful post.

5 Beauty Hacks you Must Know

Upside Down

That roll on is about to finish? Last few drops left in your concealer tube? Highlighter pen takes forever to pump out? Worry not, I have the simplest hack ever to fix all this. I have used it since years now and have worked for me each time. All you need to do is, store your roll on/concealer tube/ Highlighter Pen inverted or upside down. I have used a see through glass to show you how to do it. My Maybellne concealer and Colorbar highlighter is in pump pen form thus pumping it takes a lot of time. If I store it this way, it comes out in no time and it’s so hassle free.

Make your Own Baking Powder

Loose powder is really helpful and I am huge fan of baking technique. Now a day’s setting powders are available, but you refrain from buying if you already have a compact powder. What’s the use of so many powders right? So let’s think smart. I suggest using your existing or broken compact powder. Take it out in a zip lock pouch and crush it. Once it turns into powder store it an empty cream container/tub. Use this crushed compact powder as your setting powder for baking or setting makeup. Easy peasy right. Now don’t throw or frown over that broken compact anymore.

DIY Setting Powder at Home

Use the last drop of your favorite cream/face wash

Have you faced that "I will squeeze you to death" situation with those tube packaging products? There are some products which we love and want to use the last drop of it or you dont have a back up and want to use every bit of it for the moment. Bring out that tube and a pair of scissors. We need to cut the tube from a little distance from the crimp. In such a way that the cut out portion acts as a cap. I hope the pictures help you understand better.
This hack is very helpful and seals the goodness of the product as well.

Makeup and Beauty Hacks

Funky eyeliner with Liquid Lipstick

DIY Funky Eyeliner

Want to create an orange/red/metallic eye liner? Dont have enough shadow colors to do it? Bring  out those liquid matte lipsticks and lets do some magic. Take an eyeliner brush and dip it in the choice of liquid lipstick and draw the usual liquid liner on your eyes. Voila! You have funky new eyeliner which doesn't move and looks awesome too. You can use those metallic liquid lipsticks to do little magic on your eyes too.

Glowy Foundation

We all have heard mixing serum, liquid highlighter in foundation for a luminous look. I prefer oil. Yes I use Bio Oil/Coconut oil (depending on mood) with foundation for a luminous healthy glow and good blending. I take a one or two drops of oil and mix in foundation and apply usually with beauty blender/brush. It applies easily and blends well too. After application I see a healthy glow on my face and I can easily skip the highlighter. This tip con work great when you are traveling with minimal products.
I use these hacks and have loved each one of them. These are all tried and tested hacks which work great for me. My favorite is the first and third.

Foundation Hacks

Let me know how you like them? Which one would you like to experiment?


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