10 Quick Skincare and Hair Care Tips for Holi

Holi Skincare Tips
Holi Hair Care Tips
Beauty tips for Holi



Holi is round the corner and most of us are excited to play and relive our childhood days. We must not forget that it would affect our skin for which hair and precaution is always better thnan cure. When it comes to colors on the skin, I choose to play safe. I follow a few measures which I would suggest each one of you too.

You will need these


  • Coconut oil
  • Vaseline/SPF lip balm
  • Dark Nail Paint
  • Hair rubber bands
  • Spectacles
  • Full sleeves covered clothing
  • Sunscreen Lotion


Festival of Colors

Apply Coconut Oil on Skin and Hair


Oiling plays the key here, let the colors slip away and easy to wash. If you apply oil on both hair and skin, the colors won’t be able to harm. The oils will protect the skin and hair and it will be easier to wash away. The Nail Paint will not only protect your natural nail, but also add to the color quotient this Holi.

Apply Some Bold Nail Color

Paint Them

Paint your nails with a dark nail paint, to avoid them staining. The staining is real bad and takes time to vanish.


Keep it Dry

Try and stick to organic colors and play it in powder form only. Stay away from water, to keep it all fuss free and more enjoyable. If you want to play with water, ensure doing it after towel cleaning all the dry colors first. Get indulged in a rain dance but with plain water.

Wear Covered clothes

If you want to save your skin from the damage, cover it up. Wear maxi skirts, full sleeve kurtis. These not only look chic, but save the much unwanted damage.

Bun it up

Tying your hair in a bun is the best way out to save it to the max. I would take an extra step and braid it first. Then bun it up. This way it remains double secure. The Holi hide and seek involves a lot of physical activity, bun might just get loose, the braid will come to rescue and your hair will still be secure.

Braid it to Save it

Make a Bun

Wear a Suncreen

Don’t forget to protect the skin with a matte or water proof sunscreen. You can also use a spray sunscreen.


Don’t wear the lenses

I suggest not wearing your lenses, if you have eye power. I would suggest not wearing the glasses for that matter. But if unavoidable, wear the glasses instead. The color if touches the eye with lenses, can be real spoiler.


Lip Balm

To protect your delicate lips, use a lip balm at all times. The colors might further dry and chap your lips. A lip balm would act as a shield. I prefer the one with SPF.

Petroleum Jelly to Rescue

DIY it

Once you are all drenched, use this DIY to get rid of the color quick. This has to be used for about 3 days with proper bath everyday. Use besan, yoghurt, honey and lemon. Mix them all up and apply on body and face. Leave it for about 10 minutes and message and wash.


Post Holi Hair Care

Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo which will save you from further damage. You might have to repeat rinsing upto three times as there will both oil and color on your hair. Use a serum generously post wash to lock the moisture lost while washing. Repeat this routine for the next 3 washes to bring back life into the hair.

Happy Holi

So these things I like to follow and suggest all you ladies there. Have a Colorful, Happy and Safe Holi.


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