10 Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

Online Shopping Tips
How to Save Big by Shopping Online
Online Shopping Savings


Gone are the days when we use o wait for the store to open in the morning, stand in the queue to pay the shopping bill, line up for trails in the trial room. Most of us have evolved out of this phase and engaged in some pocket crunching online. I am a big time online shopping freak, each month when my bank account refills; I am ready with a plan to spend. There are numerous websites online which are great to indulge in. Being a shopaholic, I splurge almost every time I shop online. Why so much online, because online shopping means great ease and great savings too. There are couple of things I like to follow and stick too while shopping online for safe and happy experience each time.


Online Shopping Tips

How to Save by Shopping Online

1.Find out the Best

For every shopping niche there is a website. Try and find the best website for your shopping needs. There are a few gems in the market; you just need to strike the right cord as per your preference. For starters Nykaa is my favorite beauty destination, Myntra for Fashion needs, Amazon for Gadgets and Big Basket for Household items.

2.Subscribe to Newsletter

Each time you like a website and its collection, make sur to subscribe to their subscription or newsletter. They will inbox you the offers and ongoing sales each time right in your inbox. No need of checking the website every now and then. Check your inbox instead.

3.Coupon Codes

There are couple of great websites which offer some really useful coupon codes. By simply clicking and finding the offers f0or a particular website, you can save big. There are couples of websites for coupons online like website for myntra coupon code, website for recharge offers etc. These coupons sure are money savers. No need to search offers online. You can simply subscribe to the website and let offers come pouring into your inbox. What an idea.

New Launches Reviews Online

Check for Reviews Online before purchasing online

4.Check for Opinions

If you have a habit of splurging unnecessarily on makeup, then hold on. If there is a new product launched and you want to buy it but not sure, I advise you to check for reviews online before splurging on any beauty product. You might just come to know if that product will suit you or not. This might just save the unwanted splurge you were about to make.

5.Make a List

Firstly ask yourself if you really need it and make a list of things you need to buy. The shopaholics don’t need a reason to shop, but if not everyone shop on whims. Try and make a list of essentials you want to shop in a given time frame, say a month. If you are on a tight budget, try sticking to your list. Say shoes and makeup in this month, bags and skincare next month. I follow this funda and it works each time. This way its more systematic and you actually end up buying what you actually want.

6.Stick by budget

If you are on a budget, then try sticking to it. I suggest, each month segregate some money for shopping, whether online or offline. This helps a lot to plan out everything.


Shortlist and make a List


In case you love a foundation, it is great idea to read and see a little before investing. The shade, the skin type, the finish all matters. Makeup is not cheap; it is a luxury, thus choose wisely. Check for online REVIEWS, compare it with your requirements and if it will suit you and you really need it or not.


When shopping online, I always like to compare the cost for a same product. If I am buying a gadget, I will check on various fashion platforms before finalizing on any one. This way, you get the one you wanted at a cheaper price. Again it depends which one is a reliable website and which one isn’t. If you have any questions in any category, let me know. I shop a lot online, I will suggest based on my knowledge and experience.

9. Pay by card

There are a few occasions, when paying in advance i.e. by card is a great idea to avail more discount and save big. I have shopped using this offer and benefitted quite a lot. I already like to pay by card, thus this comes as an added advantage.

10. Shortlisting

If there are couple of things you want to buy from one website, try making a wish list or use the save for later option. This way you are keeping a record of things you like or it interests you. The day you decide to buy, these can come in handy. Its better to find it all in place, than go mad searching the ones you like. Isn't it?

I use these small but game changing tips to shop online. I described all that I do. Hope you find the tips useful. If there is anything else in mind, let m know in the comments below.


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