Za Total Hydration Energy Mist : Review, Price and Buy Online

Za Face Mist : Review, Price and Buy Online
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When it comes to skin care and face makeup, I am super lazy for the former. If the facial skin is smooth and dent free the base makeup glides smooth as butter. My skin is pretty much alright with pores near the nose and cheeks. This doesn’t let my foundation/bb cream rest well and adhere to the skin.  the makeup might appear a bit blotchy.  Applying a primer helps to control the pores to a certain extent. When it comes to blending with a brush or sponge, I find something missing, which has been filled with a face mist. Today I shall discuss about my favorite face mist the Za Face Mist.

Product Description

Instantly restores dryness and other daytime hazards and make skin smooth and radiant.
Hold 15cm from the face and spray a few times to apply an appropriate amount over the entire face, and smooth it out with the palm of the hand. It can also be used over makeup.

Price: Rs. 549
Quantity: 80 ml
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

Available online at Flipkart, Amazon

Za Total Hydration Energy Mist

Za Total Hydration Energy Mist Review


See it through my Eyes

Za total hydration mist is meant to hydrate the skin after cleansing or when dry. The spray mechanism makes it quick and easy without using hands to get instant plump skin. This mist is a multi tasker for me, I use it for my makeup regime a lot.

A face mist can be used in multiple ways and I will discuss about the ways in which I like to use it.  First let’s check out the product, shall we?

It is packed in a bottle form, pink plastic sturdy bottle. Since it is mist, it has pump dispenser which sprays and spreads the liquid so well. The nozzle is quite efficient and smooth, lets me spray easy and smooth without much effort. The bottle is slim and differently curved to offer a better grip in hands.

It is clear water like liquid which is to be sprayed on the face for making the face moisturized lightly. It is the best option for evenings, when I don’t like to moisturize my face heavily. I just spray it evenly all over the face and let it dry; skin doesn’t feel dry or itchy. It has a pleasant mild glow which eventually hydrates the skin within.

I like to use this mist in several ways during my daily makeup routine.

  • I spray it on the face right before applying foundation; this helps the base makeup to blend effortlessly without any dragging or pulling.
  • I also mix it with foundation to make it even smoother to melt down into the skin
  • To make the makeup brush or beauty blender wet, I spray the mist on the desired area
  • To wet any eyeshadow

Za Total Hydration Energy Mist Price

How to Use a Face Mist

Za Face Mist

Za Total Hydration Mist


What I like about  Za Total /hydration Energy Mist

  • The effortless spray mechanism, nice and smooth
  • Makes skin feel hydrated
  • Gives a soft glow
  • Makes the foundation easily blendable when sprayed on the skin
  • To wet brush/beauty blender

What I don’t like  about Za Total /hydration Energy Mist

  • Not available in India anymore


Recommendation: Yes
NoM Report Card: 4.5/5

Final Verdict

The face mist is light weight and effective on skin helping it to hydrate and glow. It aids makeup blending and gives a flawless finish. If you find it just grab it. Totally Recommended!

Have you used this face mist yet? Which one is your current favorite?

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