Winter Travel Makeup and Beauty Kit : What's in my Stash

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I am a travel freak and can’t miss any opportunity when I get a chance. Now comes the difficult part Packing. It’s a task to put together the entire world in a bag and set to travel peacefully without worrying about shortage or missing stuff of daily life. Now what I do is I plan in advance which really helps. Today I will share my winter makeup and beauty stash when I travel or Holiday.

I have divided them as Face makeup, skincare, lip products, eye makeup and body. I have a checklist as per holiday destination and season. Like for winters on a beach this is an apt checklist or even for a hill station. It’s the time when the beauty subscriptions samples are put to best use Yes 3

Beauty Essentials During Travel


I like to carry my own toiletries and don’t really rely on Hotel provided stuff. I carry my body wash with me whenever I travel.  In the pictures you can see a sample size body wash which I had got in Fab Bag. I generally use Nivea Body Washes which I love. Will do a post on it sometime.

For the skin we need a good moisturizer for both body and face. So I chose this Palmers cocoa butter lotion which can be used anywhere on the body. It moisturizes till deep within like no one’s business.

The most important part of my travel stash has to be the sunscreen. Boy I don’t want to get tanned. Thus I carry this simple sunscreen in spray form. Its such a boon on the go, as we need to apply it every two hours to keep tanning at bay. The size is great to travel with and spray anytime Wink

Skincare Essentials For Holiday


Healthy skin is the door to beauty I feel. I ensure proper skin care even during travel. I carry this mini sized face cleanser and moisturizer from Cetaphil which is one of the best we have in India. 

I never throw empty plastic cans or bottles which comes handy to carry my favorite stuff in small sized containers on the go. You can spot this small jar of scrub; it’s a empty face masque container wherein I have filled my favorite scrub from St. Ives. I also have the some sample size scrubs which I use when I travel Wink

Base Makeup Picks for Travel

Base Makeup

Now I prefer carrying a light weight foundation or a BB cream when I travel. A mousse like texture base makeup is ideal for holidays as I don’t spend too much time on makeup and don’t carry much stuff like a setting compact. A concealer is a must though. The pen style highlighters are the best bet while away from home. It hardly takes any space in the stash and provides luminous skin in a jiffy.

Eye Makeup Favorites for Holiday


Now comes the favorite part Eye Makeup. This always involves a lot of stuff to bring the right look. For travel eye makeup, I either stick to dark kohl eyes or the safest smoky look. I avoid liquid liners and carry pencil liners instead which pair up for both lower and upper lash line. Travel stash has to feature multi use products isn’t it? i usually opt for this very handy kit by Pixi which has a blush, eye shadow and lip cream in one box. I cant tell you how relieved I feel when I carry this. It makes life so simple with minimal space and maximum usage. The Kajal I carried for my last holiday was by Plum which is immensely pigmented and stays on for long.

I always opt for waterproof mascara which keeps the lashes voluminous and full for long hours. 

My Favorite Lipsticks for Travel and Holiday


The best way out is to carry one color from every color family. My favorites are a nude, pink, red, orange and a lip liner. I don’t carry any lip liners to keep the chaos minimal. But I never miss out on lip balms in winter, it’s a must.

Likewise I carry shampoo, hair masque and serum in small travel size bottles or containers. 

Apart from this I carry q tips, tissues to help my makeup woes and mistakes. Also i dont carry much brushes and make best use of my fingers wherever requiredGood always remember the key is to carry multi use products during travel. Like a mini makeup kit or a lipstick which also doubles up as a blush. a eyeshadow shade which works as a highlighter too and so on. I can do a separate post on it some day Smile

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you carry when you travel.

Winter Travel Makeup and Beauty Kit

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Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.




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