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Today I will share with you what I have got from the US. I have a darilng friend in the States and when she decided to visit India I had a list ready with all my wishlist products. I use to email her different lists meant to be shopped from each website. I ordered from Ebay, Amazon, Nyx and Colourpop. I will show you a glimpse in this haul and show you each one well on Snapchat so follow me there. I have alrady done a mini unboxing earlier on snapchat.

US Shoppng Haul




I oredered a couple of things from the official website before it launched in India. Yes this haul was done in the month of September. I got them in late October and lazy me , showing you now in December. I got a couple of eye shadow quads, few lip products, a makeup fixing spray, jumbo eye pencils, lip liner, glitter eye liner, a cream blush, a powder blush, concealer palette,  glitter, glitter primer.



I got a few things from Amazon, which are one of my favorites in this haul. Have you ever heard of the brand Technic. I had spotted these in an insta store some time back and wanted to try this brand. When I decided to haul from the US, I had to get some products from them. I got 3 big eye shadow palettes, one small palette and a concelaer-contour palette. This brand is super affordable and definitely worth a try.
 I also got this Maybelline Age Rewind Foundation, though my plan was to buy the concealer. I had got the earlier two concealer paltte from NYX and Technic so I bought the foundation instead.



Ebay is one website which has some unique and great stuff at unbelievable prices. I had decided to get some cool stuff from them too. I got these two brush sets, chokers, liquid lipsticks at super affordable price. Let me know which prices you would like to know.


Now comes the most exciting part. I got to shop from Colourpop when thinking of US haul, isn't it? They have a $5 discount when you shop for $30. I got three lipp stix, two Matte shades, one satin finish, one metallic lip color. Also two eye shadows, one brow gel. Shopping Haul Shopping Haul

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Technic Makeup Haul

Colourpop Shopping Haul


With that I complete the haul. I paid my friend in Indian Rupees as per dollar exchange rates. It was easy peasy when you buy it without incurring the shipping and customs. I am a happy baby. Let me know, if you would like to know any of the prices or shopping links.



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