Sivanna Colors Shimmer Brick 04 Review, Swatches & FOTD

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So we are into 2016 and how are we? I am the usual, the new year hasn’t changed anything in me YET Preved The same laziness, randomness. So after luring you al with the highlighter pictures in several previous posts, I finally decided to disclose the suspense in this 1st post of the year. So lets get started with the 1st post of the year Pleasantry

Product Description

Be a radiant star by applying to cheek bones or a light dusting all over.

Price: Rs. 700

Quantity: 7 gms

Shelf Life: 3 years

Available Online at Flipkart

Sivanna Colors Highlighter

Sivanna Colors Shimmer Brick Highlighter - Shade 04

Sivanna Colors Highlighter Review

See it through my Eyes

I have been a slow learner in the art of makeup. I have not always used the highlighter, but only last year. I started using blushes back then and on some lucky day I wanted to multi task with an eye shadow palette and got those awesomely glowy cheeks. It was then when I bought highlighters, like literally. I have two of these shimmer bricks from Sivanna Colors in shade 04 and 05. Today I wil review shade 04.

As many of you must already know these are the dupes to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and Revlon Highlighting Palette. The price is less than half and efficacy is similar.


This comes in a black paper cardboard box which has a cut out square window which shows the sneak peek of the product Wink the box is made of glossy black plastic with a transparent plastic window on the lid which shows the colors inside the box. The lid shuts with a click lock mechanism, which is a savior to store and travel. The shade number is mentioned at the bottom of the pack. All in a very good packaging.


The highlighter is in a powder cake form. They are soft and smooth to touch and pick up the brush easily. I use the blush brush to apply it generously on the cheek bones and nose and it blends so well with the blush or equally beautiful when used alone. The shimmer is so finely milled that it makes the glow look real and surreal.  It doesn’t have any smell until you try hard and sniff it on bringing close to the nose Blum 3

Best Affordable Highlighter

Sivanna Colors Shimmer Brick Highlighter

Sivanna Colors Highlighter : Dupe of Bobbi Brown

All in One Highlighter, Blush, Bronzer and Eye Shadow


Palette 04- this palette belongs to the silver pink family. It has 5 shades from the top-  

Shade 1-  Champagne Pink duo chrome shade. It’s a beautiful highlight which can add a glow if used on the blush. If used alone can make skin look glow from within. I love to use it to highlight the inner corner of the eyes.

Shade 2- Light Peach. This is another beautiful shade which can be used alone to give that glow from within. This also makes a great eye shadow. 

Shade 3- Bronze- this shade perfects the role of eye shadow and as a bronzer. Imagine we also have a bronzer in here. 

Shade 4- Pink- this color is a perfect blush cum highlighter shade. It can be used alone to work as a blush and a highlighter, the shade is perfect to bring a bit of color and some highlight for the cheeks.

Shade 5- Lilac Pink- just check this out, a lilac color pink. It is an amazing shade to work with as anything blush, eye shadow or highlight.

Color Pay Off

The pigmentation is to die for. All the colors in the brick are beautifully pigmented without any grittiness or patchiness. The lightest colors in the palette are pigmented beautifully for the right amount of highlight required. 


The highlight, the glow and shine is bag on. It doesn’t make the skin looks too much or shouting for attention. It sums up the perfect party look or even the daily look.  The versatility of this product is impeccable as I also use it as an eye shadow at times. The colors in each pan are great to apply alone or mixed and matched together.

Staying Power

It stays for about 10+ hours in winters without any fading. In summers its slightly lesser as I have combination skin, it fades a bit. But nevertheless the wear time is quite good and unexpected being a highlighter. 

How I use it

I use it over the blush to bring out the color with a luminous glow from within look. if layered it gives a great look for the party, but not the glow from within kinda look. It can be used alone too to bring the glow. I also use it on my collar bone at times when I wear a low neck outfit, it makes me feel confident that my skin glows Smile

Not only that, the colors are great t be used as a eye shadow too. The bronze palette makes an ideal choice for eye makeup needs. 

It doesn’t end here, on those lazy days it works equally well a blusher cum highlighter as it has colors with shimmer.

I am wearing it here.

Sivanna Colors Highlighter Swatches

Sivanna Colors Highlighter FOTD

What I like about Sivanna Colors Shimmer Brick 04

  • The thoughtful packaging.
  • The affordable price bracket
  • The great quantity in the pan.
  • The super pigmentation
  • The great shade variety
  • The brilliant glow and highlight it gives to the face.
  • Can be also used as a blush
  • Can also be used as an Eye Shadow
  • This palette is great choice to travel with during holidays, it’s a complete eye and face color kit.
  • Full ingredients list mentioned.

What I don’t like about Sivanna Colors Shimmer Brick 04

  • Availability in counters in India.

Recommendation : Yes with closed eyes

NoM Report Card: 10/5

Final Verdict

Do we still need a verdict? It’s a must buy for every makeup lover. The array of options available, the great pigmentation long staying power and super blendibility makes it’s a cult favorite and my HG highlighter till date. The versatility is worth credibility as it teams up as a highlighter, blush and eye shadow Wink

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Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.




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