Revlon Matte Nail Color : Review, Swatches, Price and Buy Online

Revlon Matte Nail Color : Review, Swatches, Price and Buy Online
Matte Nail Color
Best Matte Nail Polishes in India

After trying the Faces Matte Nails I wasn’t very thrilled about the idea of matte nail colors. I thought of buying a matte top coat instead to rest my desires. I was strolling through a mall, when I saw the Revlon counter and paid a cold visit. I spotted the nail paint counter and the shade Marine Matte. It was love at first site and got this instantly. After using this shade I grabbed a few more including the matte top coat. I am discussing the Revlon Matte Nail Colors

Product Description

Revlon matte nail enamel
formaldehyde and tolune – free formula
formula coats nails in gorgeously smooth color.
shake gently apply 2 coats

Price: Rs. 190
Quantity: 8 ml
Shelf Life: 4 yrs

Available in 9 shades

Buy online at  Amazon , Habbana

Revlon Matte Nail Enamel

Revlon Matte Nail Enamel Review

Revlon Matte Nail Enamel Price

Revlon Matte Nail Polish Price and Buy Online

See It through my Eyes

The matte lipsticks are a mass favorite and the trend has passed on to the nails. To be honest I love how matte nails look, they look intense, rich and different. I have got to show you three of these beautiful shades from the range.
They are packed in signature Revlon nail polish bottle, triangular in shape. The colors are rich, intense and go opaque in three coats. To avoid clumping and bubbling let the coats dry before applying second/third coat. The texture is not a 10 on 10 matte just like the Faces ones. This one looks better though.

The staying power is about 4 to 5 days, beyond which it becomes pale and ugly. With time , the appearance becomes reflective and no longer matte.


Marine Matte

This is my favorite shade out of the three. It is a turquoise ocean blue color, which instantly attracts compliments. The shade is a perfect stunner.

Sunny Matte

It is a pale yellow matte nail color. The pigmentation is light in comparison to the other two shades. Nevertheless, two coats serve good on my nails. The shade is perfect for the summers.

Cool Matte

It is a cool toned blue color, darker than marine matte. Pigmentation is good and shows full with two coats.

Revlon Marine Matte Nails Swatch

Revlon Sunny Matte Nails Swatch

Revlon Cool Matte Nails Swatch

 Revlon Matte Nails : Review, Swatches, Price

What I like about Revlon Matte Nail Enamel

  • Available in interesting shades
  • Quite affordable
  • Available at the stores and online

What I don’t like Revlon Matte Nail Enamel

  • Not out and out matte

Recommendation: Worth a try
NoM Report Card: 3.8

Final Verdict

The Revlon matte nail colors are affordable and available in exciting shades. The finish is almost matte and it is worth a try for the unique product it is.

Have you tried these matte nail colors? Which one is your favorite?

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