Outfit of the Day : For the Love of Neon

Hey Everyone,
Its time for another outfit post. After my last post of Day 1 in Goa, its been real long since I’ve shared the next. This was my Day 2 in Goa and it was melting hot. I chose to wear these bright neon hues. This is not only going to be a Outfit post, but a chit chat post on what I had done during the day. Dislaimer - This one will be a picture heavy post Cool

I chose these neon shhirt and shorts for the day out, it was not only klightweight but breathable too. I wanted to opt for votton, but you know the headache of ironing and stuff durinh travel is best avoided. Smart idea was to carry something very light yet breathable, thus this chiffon shirt. You will see me wearing no accessories, as beach look is best without any accents, except two piece suit Undecided I didnt carry any hand bag, my shorts pocets and the car dashboard pretty much carried my necessities, like sunscreen spray, wallet and stuff. Its best to be free on the bech and a full day sunlit outing.

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Outfit of the Day

Goa Travel Diaries

Agoda Fort, Goa

North Goa, Agoda Fort

You get bikes and cars for hire in there, which is really helpful for us tourists. We hired a small car for the four of us super yay. We started at about 10’o Clock after breakfast for our first spot of the day, Agoda Fort. We pretty much didn’t have a map in the head; we just swung with the flow. After stopping on a few spots for random fun and photo session and finally we reached Agoda around noon Tongue Out

Agoda is not quite huge as I had thought hearing the name. If you don’t know yet, this is the famous spot from Dil Chahta hai Shoot. This is enough to dive us crazy Bollywood fans to the spot Embarassed The Sea is right in the front and has a beautiful view, the vastness is impeccable.
Soon after Agoda, we went in a massive long drive moment. We drove most of North Goa all day. We finally stopped by Arambol beach. The beach was fun as usual and me being beach lover recently enjoyed t to the core. Driving and stopping by, the entire day was beautifully spent. I cant put a few thigs into words , the fun I had with friends and Mr. him. The beaches have something, which make you visit them again and again.

Outfit of the Day : Bright Summer Colors

The Dil Chahta Hai Spot at Agoda Fort

Goa Travel : Agoda Fort

Traditional Shops in Goa

Arambol Beach in Goa

Perfect Duofie :P

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Outfit Post

Goa Day 2

Sunset at a Goa Beach

Enjoying the Colorplay in the Sky

I will see you soon in my next post with little more of Goa. Hope you've enjoyed the pictures and like this casual summer look.

Outfit Details-
Chiffon Fuchsia Shirt : Dressberry
Peach Shorts : Next
Cap, Slip ons : Goa Local Market
Neon Striped Watch, Reflectors : Bangkok

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