Outfit of the Day : Goa Beach and Me

Outfit of the Day : Goa Beach and Me

Red Crop Top & Slit Maxi Skirt


First things first, I am really excited about this OOTD. Since you can tell this OOTD is also part of my Goa series. This was the only outfit which I had planned well before leaving home. I had got this red crop top by Faballey and wanted to style it sober without any skin show. The best idea to pair a crop top is with high waist lowers.

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Anjuma Beach : Goa

In my quest, I chose this slit maxi skirt. This monochrome print seemed the best bet with the bright top. This skirt is not meant to be worn high or low, its just a usual skirt. I raised it high on my waistline and made it into a high waist skirt best suited with crop tops. The slits on the skirt just added to a bit of drama and oomph.

You can style a crop top in various ways and it is multi usable. i paired it with a slit skirt here, it can also be used as a sari blouse and give it a whole new bohemian kinda look. The monochrome prints always compliments solid bold colors. These maxi skirts can be your best bet at the beach.Why, you sk? well it hides the legs and doesnt let them tan , plus its breexy and free. I love to be a free bird on the beach and do my own set of things, thus like to dress very comfy.

I dont like to carry fancy bags or slings at a place as relaxing as a beach. Rather this time I preferred carrying a backpack which could help me dig in my life essesntials for the beach. This backpack from Jabong did just what was required. It added to the outfit and helped store my world.

Since it was scorching hot, I chose to carry a stole and an umbrella. The stole ensured my arms being covered at all times and acted as a real savior. I had got this stole from Sikkim during my last visit. Check the Sikkim OOTD posts here, here and here.

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Goa Beach and Me

In terms of accessories, I chose to wear ths multi layer chain neckpiece. The layers and cross pendents added so much to the solid red top. The Gold reflectors by Fast Track were such a breather in the sunny weather.

We went to Anjuma Beach, Vagator Beach to have the best day of our stay. I highly recommend visiting the Vagator beach at sunset to enjoy some real cool sizzlers on the sun benches and watch the sun bid adieu to set things free for the colorful Goa evenings. The Goa shacks are irreplaceable and have a charm of their own.

Hope you enjoy the pics. Have you been to Goa? Let me know your favorite spots in the comments below.


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