Outfit of the Day : A Day at the Tea Garden

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Today I am sharing yet another Outfit post from my trip in Sikkim. This is the last one, from the four day trip I had in October. I know its been late to share all the jazz, I have more lined up for you from my Goa Trip Mosking

This was the second last day, we went to south Sikkim to a town called Namchi. I saw the most beautiful and green tea garden. The scenic beauty transformed me into different world altogether. The mild fog and the fresh air was mesmerizing. The greenery around symbolized as if no pollution exists in the world. The dense tea plantation and tall trees surrounding the valley is a sight worth watching. Its not a very popular tourist location in Sikkim, but I am two timer at Sikkim and wanted to explore more such less popular points. I couldn’t be happier to experience the serenity and surreal environment.  Next, we headed over to Chaar Dham which is a replica mini trip to Chaar dhaam in Jammu. 

Outfit of the Day

OOTD : Printed Zipper

Sikkim Travel Diaries

OOTD : A Day at the Tea Garden

Coming to the outfit, I had mentioned in my previous outfit post that it was a sudden plan and I didn’t carry many clothes but a pair of denims, tees and some jackets.  Hence you can see me wearing a pair of denims yet again. I wanted the dull denim to shout out a bit, but poor thing it couldn’t do that alone. It took help from this abstact print zipper I wore to bring out the color factor.

The zipper was warm enough with couple of layering underneath to suffice the mild pre winters there at Sikkim. For your information, South Sikkim is relatively warmer than rest of the parts owing to the low altitude.

I completed the look with different shades, in some pictures you see me wearing the giant pink shades while aviators in a few. For footwear, I chose to wear a semi sporty wear Stop I mean a simple cotton loafer to keep the landscape a pleasant experience for my feet too.

I wore a broad golden choker to make the day look a bit glam as compared to my previous two outfits at Sikkim. After all, I had to make good use of the stuff carried from home Biggrin and some other accesnts here and there.

For makeup, I kept my eyes kohled and lips bright.

Style Tip- Try and match a printed jacket or Blouse with a plain bottom or plain blouse/jacket likewise. Now a days it’s fun to try prints on prints, but I like to keep things well defined and etched out rather than confusing and making the appearance unpleasant to the eyes.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Let me which one was your favorite outfit of the three outfits I wore at Sikkim.

Tinted Aviators and Bright Lips

Golden Accents

Orange Clutch and gold Accents

Indian Fashion Blogger : OOTD

Outfit of the Day

South Sikkim : Chaar Dhaam

Popular Tourist Points in Sikkim

South Sikkim Travel

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Untill I see you next time, never let anything dull your spark.




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