New Launch : L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pinks Collection Lipsticks in 7 Pink Shades

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After the great news of launch of the Maybelline Lip Gradation it doesn’t stop there. The mother company of Maybelline i.e. L’Oreal is all set to launch the Exclusive Pinks like we had the Pure Reds last year which created a stir in the market. I have used two shades from the previous range and after I got the shade called Pure Brick after Pure Rouge. I wanted to try the much raved about Hot Pink shade called Pure Amaranthe. But I didn’t want to buy another from the same range, but my quench persisted. God answered my prayers in form of this new launch by L’Oreal Paris Yahoo

Like the Pure Reds, the pinks are also endorsed by the 7 brand ambassadors from around the world. These come in scintillating shades of pinks which can make any girl drool. This lipstick range is already launched in the west and is quite popular.The range in Inida will be called Delicate Pinks.

The price is similar to the pure reds at Rs. 995/- 

Expected release is January 2016 all over India Dance 4

In India this range will be endorsed by Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai like the previous Reds collection. However, this time around Diana Pinto is missing from this campaign but we hope to see Katrina somewhere in the pink launch programme.

Packaging wise these look a bit different to the Pure reds, which had a color coded button on the body.

Not only this, we will also get to see Pink Extra Ordinaries Lip Colors. 5 juicy shades of pink, but in a matte effect. These will be called Extra Ordinaire Mat. 

Wait it doesnt stop here, they also have four hot shades of Nail Paints too in Pink. That's what you a call a hell of a news.

This entire range has made me super excited and awaiting the new launch. Will give you more updates on my Instagram and twitter when these babies hit the Indian market.

As they say Pink is an epitome of feminism. L’Oreal has better way to put it “Pink is more than a Color, it’s an obsession”.  

What more, after these launch I shall wait for the Nude colledction which they have in the West. Greedy me Man in love

Enjoy the pictures.

L'Oreal La Vie En Rose Collection in India

L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Pinks in the West

Seven Shades of Pink Lipsticks in India by L'Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Exclusive Pink Collection Launching in India

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image source : L'Oreal Website and Google



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