Makeup Revolution Online Haul from Official Website : Shipping Charges, Customs and All you need to Know

Makeup Revolution Online Haul from Official Website : Shipping Charges, Customs
Makeup Revolution Haul from India
Price, Customs and Shipping Charges from Makeup Revolution Official Website

Hey Everyone,
Well how excited I am about this post? I have got to share my happiness with this awesome fun haul from Makeup Revolution’s official website here. Some time back, they had a 50% sale and I couldn’t resist and grabbed the best stuff. This is my second attempt with an international haul. I was very skeptical since forever if I could ever try an overseas haul online, but when I did it was addictive and how Laughing So if you excited, read on all details about duties, shipping, customs involved.

If you wondering, which was my first international haul? Well, my previous haul was also from Makeup Revolution, which I couldn’t share as I didn’t click pictures and hogged onto the products usage right away. This time around I made it a point, to click the pictures before I started using those. So gear up for reviews and posts on Makeup Revolution Products in this space. I have only got the package on Friday and I held myself for 1 day with great difficulty Sealed Enough of bragging, let’s get on with the haul. I shall briefly describe each product that I have bought.

Makeup Revolution Haul From India

Makeup Revolution Brush Cleaner Tool

Makeup Revolution Haul from Offical Website

Makeup Revolution Pro Brush Cleanse Tool – 4.99 GBP

 The first of its kind stuff, I have got to show rather flaunt is this Pro Brush Cleanse Tool. This is suppose to make the lazy process of brush cleaning easy and fun. This was available in two colors – pink and purple. I chose the purple, my current favorite shade.

Lip liner and Eyeliner – 1 GBP

These are the best bet on the go, I got a few favorite shades. Three eyeliners are in the shade Blue, White and Black. While I got orange and pink lip liners.

Lip Gloss Tube : Move a Little Closer – GBP 1.00

This is an amazing duo chrome sheer gloss. This is a different attempt from my usual matte lip love. I am excited to try this out. This is avaialle in few other shades as well.

I Love Makeup All Day and Night : Lustful Ways  - GBP 1.99

In my previous MUR haul, I had got the black shade in hurry. This time around I discovered more shades. These are available in black, green, brown, and gold. The best part about these is they have sharpener attached in the cap, great for travel and on the go.

Eyeshadow Singles – GBP 1.00

These mono eye shadows are available in numerous shades; you got to see to believe it. I got these two shades this time. Last time I had bought the bronze color and Ms. Butter fingers  already dropped it.

Awesome Metals Eye Foils : Rose Gold – GBP 4.00

Now how do I describe the beauty of this beauty. This is unbelievably heavenly looking. I am so excited to use it. This is available in black, green and rose gold shade.

Makeup Revolution Eye Shadows

Makeup Revolution BRow Tint


Vivid Shimmer Brick : Radiant – GBP 3.00 ( not on discount)

If you have read my posty onSivanna highlighters,, you must know I wanted to buy the bronze palette. Well now the Sivanna Palettes are more expensive than these MUR ones. So I got this instead. Very excited to check the quality, I shall let you know about it all in a blog post later.

Ultra Aqua Brow Tint : Medium – GBP  3.00

This was something, I had never tried before and with my obsession for brow products recently I bought this without a second thought. These tints are available in 3 shades – light, medium and dark.

Brow Dual Ultra Brow Arch & Shape Darkest : GBP 3.50

Talking about brows, here comes another one.  It has two ends one side is retractable pencil whie the other has a felt tip. This is dual ended brow product is available in different shades – Fair, Dark, Darkest.

Focus and Fix Eye Primer – GBP 2.50

With the growing need of an eye primer, I had to get my hand on this product. I go the shade brighten, its also available in original variant.

I Love Makeup Slogan Palette : Makeup Geek  - GBP 7.99

Oh my Gawd, can we please take a moment. I am hell excited to indulge in this beauty; it looks fantastic and attractive in a moving logo design. It has 36 shades which are drop dead gorgeous. I will unveil the palette shades in a separate post. Please don’t kill me Tongue Out

Makeup Revolution Haul From India : Price, Shipping, Customs

MakeUP Revolution Shimmer Brick : Radiant

Makeup Revolution 36 Eye Shadow Palette : Makeup Geek

After all the product info. Lets get into some match. So, me and my sisters ordered jointly for around Rs. 5000. 1 GBP = Rs. 100. The total bill was GBP 46.90. They charge GBP 12.00 on Minimum orders. On all orders above GBP 40.00 i.e. Rs. 4000 shipping becomes GBP 8.00 i.e Rs. 800.

You can pay by international debit cards, no need to own a credit card for the same. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I got to learn this during my first haul. I have bought it with an ICICI international Visa Debit Card.  They charged a minor currency conversion charge of Rs. 150.

Customs – in my first haul the total billing amount with shipping was over Rs. 8000 and I was not charged any custom duty. I thought they didn’t charge and the shipping charges include the custom claims too. But I was wrong, this time around I was charged Rs. 1670 as custom duty. Which is not much, but it disturbed the maths and expectations.
I placed the order on 20th May 2016 and received it on 03.06.16 not even 15 days which is awesome I think. I wanted to get these before my birthday and Thank God I got them.

Website- They have a very clean and organized product distribution. Each and every product can be traced easily if you type the name in the search bar. The after sales is super, they instantly mail you and inform about every little detail of the parcel. This being an international order, reached in in les than 15 days which i really appreciate. The handling was all good, except one eye shadow palete my sister bought, one shade came broken. All other products were intact and in best condition. Overall, I am really happy with thier service and systematic aproach. i wil give them a 5/5 rating without a doubt.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment I shall reply to the best of my knowledge.
p.s - All prices mentioned are MRP; I got 50% off on all, unless otherwise mentioned.

Hope you all enjoyed the haul as much as I did sharing with you all. Let me know which one excites you the most? Also which review you want first?

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