Makeup Hack : Eye Shadow Creasing Do's and Dont's

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Marking today, I start a new series based on a few makeup tricks I use for my daily routine. Today its time for Eye Shadow hack. I just hate those two lines which spoil the most beautiful eye makeup after a few hours. Creasing is the clumping of eye shadow on the eye lids which gives a crumbled up appearance to the makeup.

Causes of Creasing

  • If you dont prime the eyes
  • If eyes get too oily
  • If skin is oily/oily eye lids naturally
  • Improper blending of colors

How to Prevent Eye Shadow from Creasing

Eye Shadow Creasing Do's and Dont's

Measures to Prevent

  • To prep and prime the eyes. In case you don't have eye primer, always use a compact powder meant for oily skin. L'Oreal Mat Magique is my best bet.
  • In case you don't prefer an eye primer, use a regular face primer. It does a great job by covering the eye with a thin film of silicone which prevents oil secretion and moisture for long.
  • One very valuable product in my kitty for which I will write in detail shortly. The Inglot Duraline, apply a drop of of it all over the eye lid and adjoining brow area. Let it dry for a few mintues and apply shadow. You will be amazed to see the longetivity.

Compact Powder in Makeup Hacks

Eye Shadow Makeup Hacks

Some Do's and Dont's

  • Never rub your eye lids once you apply the makeup.
  • Whenever creasing occurs, quickly touch up the shadow with some translucent powder or compact. it instantly becomes afresh. See the pictures for reference. I have used the Compact with a brush ( Blush/Eye shadow).
  • In case you wanna jazz up the tired eye makeup, carry the same color eye shadow smeared in Q-tips secured in zip lock pouches. Isn't that cool?

Makeup Hacks : Eye Shadow Makeup Tricks

How do you find these ideas? Which is your favorite tirck? Do share with everyone in your valueable comments below.

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