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Its time to present another beauty hack which I have been using since a few months now and I absolutely love it. this involves one of the most integral part of makeup regime –the brushes. I pretty much use brushes every day for getting ready to work or outing. The most used brushes are blush brush and foundation brush, not to forget the smudger brush and blending brush. Using these everyday not only makes them dirty but difficult to use specially for eye makeup. Why, you ask? If I use a pink eye shadow yesterday and want to use the us ethe same brush for applying blue eye shadow today. How to go about it? This hack is about just that.

Everyday Makeup Brushes

We need to clean the brush instantly for instant application and use of the brush. The method to clean a brush is by washing right? WRONG. For instant use you can clean a brush you can use this method to clean it all dry and ready for use. How How How?
Well you just need 2 things other than your dirty brush.
-    A Dry shampoo/ Baby Powder
-    A tissue to clean

Makeup Brush Hacks

Yes you read it right, just grab your bunch of brushes you want to use now. Bring them al together like shown in the picture. Take help or hold them in your left hand. Grab the dry shampoo in the right hand and spray well on the brush hair/tip by moving your hand like the way tou apply body spray. Ffffssssshhhhhhhhhh like that Tongue Out

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Step by Step Makeup Brushes Cleaning

Makeup Brush Cleaning

Now your brush heads are all covered with powder and they are ready to be cleaned. Grab a tissue in the palm or on lay it on a table. Now twirl, move and shake those brushes and watch all dirt transfer to the tissue. You can refer the pictures for understanding.

I use this technique whenever my brushes are dirty and I want to use it for a new eye makeup look. Foundation brushes are also cleaner and blend better. The powder helps to clean the brush and lets it get rid of the entire gunk in there. Brushes feel softer, smother and redy to use without making you wait overnite to dry up. I use this tip almost every day and my brushes remain clean and ready to use during rush hours.

I clean the brushes wet every 10 days or so. That post will come up soon too.
If you don’t have dry shampoo, a baby powder works just fine. I feel this is the best use of a dry shampoo to me. I don’t really use it otherwise as I like to keep my scalp clean with regular cleansing. My dry shampoo bottle won’t go to the bin expired anymore: P

How do you like this tip? Let me know in the comments below.

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