Make Your Own Nail Color at Home

DIY Custom Nail Paint Color : Step by Step and Pictures

How to Make Your Own Nail Color

Hey Ladies,
I am by nature a nail art freak and I always like to wear funky and new shades on nails. This fun post is dedicated to one of my experiments which turned out to be successful and thus I wanted to share with my readers too. If you are getting bored of your old nail paints or looking for some shades which you don’t own. This post might just help you.

Back in my school days, during the art class I used to mix a few colors to get a new color. I thought just to do that with my nail colors. Since I have become a beauty enthusiast, the paint brushes have been replaced with lipsticks, liners and nail paints.  So lets get started with the post.

Custome Made Nail Colors

I wanted to create a few colors say Grey, Orange and Lavender.

Lavendor Nail Color Custom Made at Home

Custom Nail Color

For bringing out the perfect lavender/violet shade we will need pink, white and blue nail paint. We will mix them all in equal proportions to get the perfect lavender shade. In case you want more pinky lavender you should mix pink color more and more of blue in case you like it bluish. I prefer the right balance between the blue and pink and white balances it so well.

How to Make Custom Nail Color

Custom Made Nail Color at Home

For the perfect bright orange you need red and yellow ail paint . just mix the two and voila, there you have it. in case you like to make tit more tangerine, more of red and les of yellow. If you like more bright hue, add more of yellow and less of orange. You can use white shade in this to bring out a pretty peach color from the orange thus formed.

Make Your Own Nail Color at Home

Now this is simple, if you want to wear a grey nail paint which is rear all you need is black and white nail paint. The black nail paint had dried out, hence I thought of giving it a kick with glitter black shade along with a white color. The pictures will speak for itself for the beautiful grey shade that emerged on a mix.

Make Unique Nail Colors at Home

Mix and Make New Nail Colors

To get the hang of it, first make a batch for one or two nails. Once you get it right you can use more to paint on all the fingers.
You can use a thermacol plate to mix in different colors which provides larger space and ease of use.
Its preferable to use a old nail paint brush to mix and apply the custom colors.

Hope you enjoyed this post Laughing So take out those plishes and get creative.

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