L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pink Collection Lipstick : First Impressions and All Shade Swatches

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I am on a sway these days with new launch products and their testing mode. In my last post I had shown you the swatches of Maybelline Lip Gradation. As promised in the launch news post, today I will show you all the swatches of the L’Oreal Paris Exclusive Pink collection in 7 shades. I had swatched them and felt the texture and pigmentation so get ready for the first impressions too.

These are available in 7 different shades of pinks which are endorsed by 7 brand ambassadors from around the world including our very own Miss World Aishwarya Rai.

The price is Rs. 995 like the previous Pure Reds Collection.

L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pink Collection Lipstick

L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pink Collection Lipstick : First Impressions


Packaging wise these shout class, the body is matte black with gold detailing which gives it the classic look. The celebrity autographs are embossed on the body in gold making it even better. There is no color coding this time. Though the color names are mentioned at the base.

The texture is smooth and buttery with a demi matte finish.

The shades are different from each other. Some are vibrant; some are pale while the others are perfectly balanced. I haven’t worn these on the lips so cant go in detail but they look impressive.

The pigmentation is good, Naomi’s shade is sort of pale for the Indian skin tone but I quite like it for a smoky eye look.

L'Oreal Paris Exclusive Pink Collection Lipstick : All Shades Swatches

All in all yet another exciting launch by the brand which should do good. But these are not great like the Pure Reds in my opinion where we had masterpiece shades like Pure Rouge. If you ask me which my favorite is, I would say Eva’s and Liya’s are my favorite two amongst the others.

The Extra Ordinaire Testers were not availble, so I couldn't swatch them for you.

Hope you enjoy the picture; let me know which one looks best to you?

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