Kolkata Handicraft Fair Haul

I might sound and look over excited most times on my snapchat and insta stories, but believe you me I am a very shy person by nature and creative at soul. Though I am not too active with my creativity, but I admire and appreciate it in all forms. When it comes to hand made things, I am a hoarder. You will see that in a while.

Handicraft Fair Kolkata

Earrings Haul

The December month is my favorite time of the year for more reasons than one. Winter, food, outings and the best events in Calcutta. One of the most sorted and awaited exhibition of an year for me is the “Handicraft’s Fair”. So this year round I went there for two short and quick visits. I could not buy much variety, but I got a lot and I feel contented.
If there is one thing which was everywhere is “Earrings”. I got so many of them, that I couldn’t believe it myself until, I shot this post. I got them in all possible colors Cool and believe me there were more which I didn’t click. I thought it would be too monotonous.  I love earrings and I am guilty as charged.

These were very moderately priced from Rs. 30 to Rs. 500 each.

Colorful Beaded Neckpieces

Handicraft Fair Haul

Colorful Bangles to Match all Outfits

I got other accessories as well, my second favorite “Neckpiece”.  I got four of them, two of which are beaded. These were priced for Rs. 100-300 each. I loved the bright neony colors and I couldn’t say no to any of these. The trendy thing in the fair was this fabric/cloth made neckpiece. They have these chunky pendants which give a boho touch.

Next up, I got some clothing. The biggest rage this year is the “Katha Stitched” dupattas. Each stall had them, but I searched them all until I settled for this purple number. I got this both side wearable piece for Rs. 1000. It’s huge in length and I have so many looks with this in mind already. Hopefully, my lazy self will plan a post with it next year Blum 3
Next up, I got these extremely bright and colorful kurta made out of khadi. It will be a great summer option. I love the motifs and interesting work all over. I got this for the attached jacket with it. This was priced at Rs 500.

Katha Stitched Dupatta

Bright Khadi Kurta

Handmade Earrings from Handicraft Fair

Jewellery Haul

Makeup Storage

Coin Bags

Handicraft Fair Haul

Traditional Red and Gold Earrings

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Since i have tonnes of makeup, I update my storage everynow and then. I saw these wooden pieces for storage and grabbed a couple of them. The tray can be usedfor storing makeupbrushes,penci liners, lipsticks. jewelery and much more. While the zigag stand can be used for storing brushes, liners, pens etc. These were moderately pricedthn Rs. 200.

Also sharing these last year bought sweet little coin bags which I will use this year in full swing. Thanks to demonetization.

That’s it, hope you enjoyed the haul. What is it, that you liked the most? Let me know in the comments below.


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