Inglot Duraline : Review, Price, Buy Online and Uses

Inglot Duraline Review, Price, Buy Online and How to Use 

Hello Girls,

After all the massive launches I shared with you lately I wanted to share a secret blessing. Before I start with the gaga song about it, let me tell you it’s a multi tasker. You have seen my love towards this product in my previous posts here , here and here. Let’s begin with the fairy tale.

Product Description

Inglot is a special transforming liquid that will turn any powder eyeshadow into liquid formulation.

Price: Rs. 750

Quantity: 9 ml

Shelf Life:  3 yrs

Available online at Nykaa

Inglot Duraline Review

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See it through my Eyes

So basically it’s magic in a bottle, like we saw in Alice in Wonderland. No No, it won’t diminish your height, or make you a giant Blum 3 but it can make multi uses and keep some of your makeup young and fresh. Wonder what I am talking about. Well this is a clear liquid which can be used in multiple ways in your makeup regime. I shall tell you how many ways you can use it. By the end of this post you will sure make your mind to buy this wonder bottle, if you love makeup and experiments.

So after all the rant, let me kill the suspense. This one product can be used to make any color eye liner. 

This is packed in a rectangular clear glass bottle with a dropper cap. Initially you might find it difficult to operate but once you get the hang of it, its pretty much fun to use. Be it in the eye makeup brush and then into the glitter and apply. Redo if required. 

The product is packed in a rectangular glass bottle. The screw open cap has a unique dropper mechanism for efficient use of the quantity and not waste it. The dropper head has to be pressed and droplets can be used as per desire and purpose. Once you get used to the mechanism it will be easy to work with.  

The consistency is fluid like which is thick and transparent. The fluid mixes with any powder product and forms a long lasting makeup solution which when applied on the eyes, skin , lips and it makes the color/makeup stay for long. There is no particular smell whatsoever.

Inglot Duraline : Uses

Make Your Own Custom Eyeliner with Inglot Duraline

How to Revive Dry Gel Liner - Inglot Duraline

How I use it


  • To revive a dry Gel liner- the most common use of this magic potion. How to? just add a few drops to the dry gel liner and stir it little wth a tooth pick and see the liner review in a few seconds.
  • To apply glitter on the eyes - Appying glitter is a real task i tell you. Not to worry when you have the Inglot Duraline handy. Just take some duraline on the back of your hand, .The thick slimy consistency wont allow the gliiter to fall out and help it stay for long.
  • To intensify the eye shadow- some eye shadows dont show up well on the lids. Just add a few drops to the brush or to the shadow directly and see the color intensify magically.
  • To make your own DIY eye liner- Scrape out some eye shadow using a spatula or toothpick in a neat lid or pan take just one drop of duraline and, mix it well with the eye liner brush. Voila you have your own customized liner to color the eyes with the dash of color which is not even available in the market.
  • To keep the eye shadow last long I apply it as an eye primer on the eyelids. After it dries up, I start with the eye makeup. Generally the eye makeup lasts longer and colors show up better.
  • Revive Lip Creams- This can also revive any of your lip creams if they dry up. I have used this on the Miss Claire Lip creams and it seems to work beautifully. the consistency and quality remains the same as before.
  • It doesn’t contain Paraben.

All the uses I stated are also the things I like about the product.

If I had to dislike something, it would be Zero. Nothing. Now its even available online. 

Recommendation : YES!

NoM Report Card: 5/5

Final Verdict

This product is multipurpose for makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists across the world. If you are into eye makeup, this is a must have when you want to work with your powder eye shadow, the glitters. This is a multipurpose product that not only helps to stick the powder shadows and glitters, but also acts as a good eye primer. This will be a great purchase to keep makeup long lasting, to keep makeup fresh and revive a lot of old stuff in your vanity. Highly Highly recommended. 

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