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“Oh you look amazing”. 

“Oh I love that makeup look”

“That outfit is gorgeous”

Said millions and billions of ladies around the world to the Indian Beauty Blogging Queen Rati Tehri Singh from IMBB.

IMBB Review on NotOnlyMakeup

IMBB or Indian Makeup and Beauty need no introduction. The undisputed beauty queen and founder of the biggest Indian Beauty Blog Rati has made her foot marks in the beauty and fashion world so prominent that no wave can wash it off. Rati with her husband Sanjeev and a brigade of family like IMBB team of hundreds of writers and some really talented team members has made it big in the fashion and beauty community today. 

It all started back in 2009 when Rati envisaged into the unexplored beauty blogging world. IMBB has numerous posts on beauty products available worldwide written by hundreds of writers. One can find Posts about feminism, entertainment, gossip, fashion trends, fitness and what not, you name it they have it.

IMBB Review

The huge archive of reviews is a beauty treasure for any beauty enthusiast. The brand variety covered is quite wide owing to the number of people in the team. The luxury brands are covered very well by Rati herself. While shopping any beauty product online, IMBB is the first website that’s strikes the mind for an avid beauty lover. The easy navigation across the website and clear categories and menu is a breeze to surf. The reader experience is delightful as the reviews are detailed and addressed with relevant pictures and swatches. 

The archives are divided into month and particular year. For further ease, they are also divided as per category which includes brand name of the product, to make the search easier. The navigation across the blog is easy and simple which enables the readers a delightful experience and make them come back again and again. 

IMBB Community

With IMBB you are not just a reader, but with required qualities you can be a writer too and join the army and earn from home. The women empowerment the blog provides through employment is worth a mention. IMBB is not the only brainchild of the lovely couple. They have a fashion blog called Faux Pas where you travel the world with Rati in her best fashion clad avatar. A recent addition in the form of Madam Gupshup a women’s community with thousands of registered users.

As a reader, the flip side is the image content by the writers which are not of great quality sometimes. The numerous ads and auto play video ads are disturbing while reading a post or surfing the website. The website layout has remained same since a long time and seems monotonous; a little change in the look will be great. Lastly, the inconsistent content quality due to numerous writers and their different writing skills can’t be equal.

To sum it all, IMBB is already the showstopper in the beauty blogging world and it seems its position will remain undisputed for years to come.

Whats your experience with IMBB? Let me know in your comments below.

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