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Color Correct with Orange Lipstick

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How many of you struggle with the concealer. The perfect one is destiny. But to near perfection is an art. Have you ever wondered why do we need to conceal? What’s the use?  For the flaws on the face to be corrected and hidden. That’s when a concealer comes into picture. The correct match, the good coverage is the most important factor to determine the best product for you. Many a times, we find a good match, but we hardly see the best coverage. Why so? Introducing- Color correction.

Makeup Hack : Hide your Flaws with Color Corrector

Makeup Hack : Color Correct with Orange Lipstick

Each of us has skin undertone shade. What is this undertone? There are three types – warm, cool and neutral. Each of this type has a color denoted to it. Like we Indians are warm undertone and we lean towards the yellow, peach and golden undertone. While the cool is denoted with pink, red and blue undertones. The neutral undertone is where nothing can be determined and is a mix of cool and warm undertone.

The biggest question is what’s you undertone? How to know it?
The most common way is to check the wrist veins. If your veins are green you are warm undertone, if blue you see blue veins you are cool undertone and if blue green veins you are neutral undertone. I am surely a warm undertone.

Another way to know is, if you can easily you are warm undertone. If you seldom tan, you are cool undertone.
Now that we know the undertones we should learn the art of correct concealing.
The undertone is an important factor to know the color you want to use for color correction. This color you choose will basically neutralize the darkness or discoloration of the skin and the concealer tends to perform 50% better with color corrector underneath.
For warm undertones, a yellow/orange based corrector works best. While for cool undertones a red/pink color corrector works best.
As I fall into the warm undertone, I will show you how to use an orange corrector to correct the skin color. Here I will show you with an orange corrector with an orange lipstick.

Step by Step Tutorial to Color Correct with Orange Lipstick

How to Color Correct the Face


In case you don’t have an orange corrector, worry not just grab that orange/peach lipstick and let’s get started. This involves only 3 steps.

Step 1- take the corrector or lipstick and just dab roughly under the eyes/spots /other problem areas. After application, just blend with your fingers or brush and ensure evenness.

Step 2- Take your concealer and draw the usual inverted triangle and work your way out. In the pictures you can see an comparison, without corrector and with corrector. You can see the difference clearly which part of the face is more flawless.

Step 3- Take the setting powder or compact and set it all to ensure no creasing and fading. In short bake your makeup, like we did HERE.

Ever since I started using the corrector method, it was no looking back. I really love this technique for concealing and it has done wonders to get a flawless base.

Hope you like this post. Let me know about your favorite concealing technique in the comments below.

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