Hair Smoothening Do's Dont's Precautions : My Story

Hair Smoothening : Do's, Dont's and Precuations

Hello Ladies,

Today I shall discuss about a good change in me since a few months. I have done a hair treatment recently in December 2015, for hair smoothening.  I had thought of doing this post much before, but then I planned to do it after enough time to let you know in detail. 

I had two options, hair smoothening and hair straightening. I chose the former. Why you ask? I don’t like poker straight hair, that too fake looking.  I can’t accept the fact, people calling my hair fake when its my natural hair. Moreover, smoothening gives smooth looking and healthy shiny hair, the hair looks natural and gives more freedom for hair styling. My hair was frizzy, unruly, lacked shine and very dull I feel. I wanted to combat all those ugly things and finally decided to go for smoothening.

Hair Smoothening Process

The process of smoothening involves some strong chemicals, a professional hand and a few steps to be followed. I will tell you my experience and what process did my stylist follow on my hair. Firstly you should know the products involved –

  • Shampoo to rinse and clean before the process can be started
  • Straightener to set the hair 
  • Chemical to break the hair bonds which enables to give any shape to the hair
  • Neutralizer to re-bond the hair and give it back the shape
  • Blow drier to dry hair after each rinse
  • Comb 


He began with rinsing my hair for clean hair and scalp to start the process. Next up he applied the chemical to break the hair bonds, (more like breaking the body bones, sounds scary? Well it is since hair has to go through a lot of chemicals in this step) this is applied 2 inches away from the roots to the ends of the hair thoroughly. After application this is left for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon the hair type/texture. Mine was wavy and frizzy so he chose to keep it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, he rinsed my hair thoroughly with plain water. Now the hair can be shaped in any form, like straightening/permed/curled. He dried my hair with a drier and straightened with a flat iron. He then applied the magic product the neutralizer, now this good boy joins and mends the broken bones (bonds) of the hair. After thorough application all over the hair, he kept it for 20 minutes and gave the final rinse. This was again followed by blow dry and careful and concentrated straightening. This is the final step and has to be done with utmost care, as its effect is there to stay and the consequences will be final (atleast for an year on my hair)

Hair Smoothening Process

After the final step I was awed at my look at the same time sad as my face looked bulky due to hair falling flat on the face Blum 3 I got a whole new look, the hair appeared straight, smooth and shiny. I had to keep it as it for 3 long days. Those 3 days were very tough. You should not pin, tie,tuck it behind the ears, wet . in short you have to live the life of a robot for the next three days, in these three days the hair ( e.g. - cement is firmed after its cement its application, or else it will erode off) required to rest and be as it is, to keep that straight look for longer without any twirls. Though you are allowed to comb. Thank God, who wants to look like tarzan anyway Tongue Out

Now the question is did I succeed? Well, partially yes. I was sort of successful in keeping them straight, but while sleeping I had faced a tough time. I couldn’t bend much, all the hair was to be divided into two parts and taken in front on the chest. This ensured no hair was pressing at the back due to body weight. But alas, that was not all, as the hair was kept parted and swept to the chest, it developed a twirl on either sides. I had asked my stylist and he advised using a flat iron again on the affected areas. Poor hair had to face so much torture and I was crying inside to do so much heat damage, that too without heat protectant spray (remeber no water on hair for 3 days). After those back breaking three days, I headed to the salon again for a wash. My hair was thoroughly washed and treated for heat damage. I was quite happy with the smoothness, bounce, and shine like never before. I was flying high and extremely excited about this new look.

I was recommended to use Extenso range by L’Oreal for my smoothened hair. Also a hair was mandatory, he suggested Liss Ultimate range masque, it wasn’t in stock at a shop so I bought the L’Oreal hair Spa instead. More on those products on the other posts later.

Soon after the process I was off for a vacation to Goa where I could not enjoy the sea bath and my hair became all sticky and drained out in the Goan heat. I carried all my hair styling products in mini bottles to keep them well protected and maintain the look as much as I can. 

Now since you know the process,  I should enlist the dos, don’ts and precautions which I took and I suggest it to everyone opting for chemical treatments.

All aAbout Hair Smoothening

Hair Smoothening Do's & Dont's


  • Always keep the hair moisturized with serum/conditioners
  • Oil the hair atleast once a week post 1 month of smoothening
  • Go for frequent hair spa, at home or salon ( I will show you how I do spa at home in another post)
  • Since hair has been loaded with chemicals, we need nutrition. Eat healthy. Include protein in your diet, to build the keratin. Start with red chana,sprouts,oats in your diet.
  • Go for a trim atleast once in two months.
  • I advise to go for such treatments (smoothening/straightening) during the winters, when you sweat less and don’t feel the need to tie the hair much. This helps a lot in those 3 days. Thus I chose the December month.



  • Never skip post rinse moisture process
  • Don't choose monsoon for chemical smmoothening and straightening
  • Don’t use too much of heat on the hair (Drier/curler)
  • always use a heat protectanct in case you cant skip the heat treatments
  • Don’t do any further chemical treatments to the hair for a minimum of six months post smoothening/straightening
  • For the first few months, don’t tie your hair much. Try to keep it loose most of the times, this will help the straightness stay for long.


Benefits of Smoothening over Straightening

  • Hair looks natural and not treated
  • More freedom to the hair, to make different hair styles
  • Hair is softer, smoother and sliky when compared to straight hair
  • Hair goes through less chemical and heat damage in the process



  • Both the neutralizer and the chemical were slippery and sticky in nature while washing.  Rinse the scalp well to get rid of all the chemical. Use your finger tips to rinse off the excess product.
  • Don’t tie, wet, tuck your hair for the first three days post treatment. 


Cons of Treated Hair

  • Hairfall can be a most common side effect. I have faced it too. I am currently using THIS to control hair loss.
  • Cant make too many hair styles i.e. restrictions to tie or bun the hair.
  • No versitality, same old straight hair everyday


 At the end of the post you can check 3 of my favorite hair products which I use even 2 years after smoothening. The shampoo is my favorite to keep hair staright and shiny. The Japa Kusum hair lotion is oil free and controls hair fall. Full Review HERE. Then comes the hair spa which  keeps hair all in good care and shape.

This was all that I have experienced. If you have any more questions, please list it down below, I will answer to the best of my knowledge.



 Check my favorite Hair Care Products in this Video




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